Common side effects of pregnancy termination

Most of the women avoid abortion because of some false beliefs. Most of the women misinterpret symptoms of medical abortion as side effects of the Abortion Pill. One must understand the difference between these two and choose the right option for them. Here we will be discussing what are the symptoms and side effects of this Abortion Pills.

Symptoms of medical abortion:

Following are the possible after-effects of Abortion Pills.

Stomach cramps:

After taking Misoprostol, which is the second pill from abortion kit you will experience stomach cramps. These can be of higher intensity than normal period cramps. This medicine will begin the process of fatal tissue removal and will initiate contraction of the uterine lining.

Vaginal bleeding:

The body will start expelling pregnancy parts after taking Misoprostol. Avoid use of tampons when you use pregnancy termination pill. Tampons won’t be helpful to soak the blood as Abortion Pills will cause heavy bleeding. Bleeding will be heavier than normal period. It may require 4 pads during initial days of medical abortion.

These after-effects are expected to occur after pregnancy termination. If you don’t experience any contact your health care provider as this means you are still pregnant.

Possible side effects of pregnancy termination:

Abortion Pill will cause side effects like nausea, stomach pain, lower back pain, chest pain, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Lots of women think that the use of a pregnancy termination pill causes a long-term impact on their health. But the truth doesn't of these side effects leave any permanent impact on one’s health. These side effects may not be seen in every woman.

How can we lower the impact of side effects?

There are some other Abortion Pills which come with medicines which will help to lower the impact of side effect. You will get medicine like Ondansetron and Zofran which will help you to deal with problems like nausea, headache, and vomiting. Flexon is another medicine which will help you to deal with painful cramps.

Dealing with the side effects of medical abortion can be easier if you follow all the instructions given by your doctor properly. Following are some instruction which will help you to reduce the impact of side effects caused by pregnancy termination pill. These tips will help you to recover from medical abortion early.

  1. Drink plenty of water
  2. Avoid heavy food
  3. Avoid alcohol and smoking
  4. Avoid use of tampons
  5. Avoid sexual intercourse
  6. Avoid excessive exercise and outdoor activities
  7. Eat fruits and vegetables

When to visit the doctor?

After using an Abortion Pill if you don’t see any of the above mentioned after effects or side effects, contact your doctor as this means your pregnancy is not terminated completely. Consult your doctor in case of extreme side effects and bleeding. Abortion process and its side effects will last for 1 week. In case of a prolonged side effect than that contact your doctor or healthcare provider as soon as possible as this can be a symptom of any other infection or can lead to other problems.

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