Why Do Women Experience Bloating Post Abortion?

Pregnancy termination reason varies from person to person in different places, hence you cannot assume or judge someone’s choice for abortion. Abortion has a direct impact on women’s health both physically and psychologically. It is totally up to an individual, whether they online buy Abortion Pill or opt for a surgical abortion. The woman’s body generally undergoes certain changes post-abortion, which has to be examined well in order to get through the problem. One most common change that women undergo during an abortion is bloated and the swelling is generally more than that of a pregnancy. To know about bloating post abortions, keep reading-

Information on Abortion-

The process of abortion includes termination of pregnancy in several ways. Abortion is basically of two types which includes spontaneous, natural or induced. Opting for a surgical abortion is appropriate enough in the cases where the duration of pregnancy is 10 weeks or lesser.

If looking for a non-invasive method, it is always advisable to online buy MTP Kit and chooses medical abortion. An MTP Kit benefits from the blocking progesterone hormone which benefits in fetus growth and later the pregnancy sections are expelled through severe vaginal bleeding and blood clots. That’s how abortion works and the process is being carried out.

Bloating after Abortion-

Pregnancy cancellation usually has certain side effects and so apart from vaginal bleeding so many women experience swelling or abdominal bloating after a medical abortion. Bloating is considered to be a normal symptom of a pregnancy termination which approximately lasts for about 3-8 days. The stomach goes to its original shape and size and bloating starts to go away within one week.

Bloating alone is normal, but bloating along with the chills, fever, tenderness, excessive bleeding or cramping is not normal. These symptoms can be extremely harmful to the health and can create bigger problems in the near future, hence make sure to speak to your healthcare advisor and seek immediate medical assistance for the same.

Causes of bloating-

Bloating post-abortion includes several reasons such as bleeding hormones of pregnancy as well. Bloating might continue due to insufficient intake of fluids, pain relief medicines, inactive after the procedure, etc. Abdomen swelling can actually cause discomfort and pain, however, in normal cases, you need not worry about it.

Ways to get rid of bloating-

There are certain ways through which one can actually get through the problem of bloating-

  1. You must stay hydrated hence consume as much as the water you can keep your body completely hydrated. 
  2. You must consume peppermint tea in order to relax the stomach muscles.
  3. One can also consume chewable gas tablets to keep away from the problem of gas.

Recovery Post Abortion

For someone who has undergone a surgical abortion, doctors generally check your blood pressure or pulse and check with the bleeding as well. In the case of medical abortion women generally, experience excessive bleeding for 2-3 days, which is eventually reduced to light bleeding for a more than a week

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