Things to be Evaded Post Medical Abortion

Women these days are more involved in a medical abortion rather than a surgical abortion because that’s the best way of abortion for a pregnancy that is 70 days older or lesser than that. A medical abortion is the best possible method of abortion because it is affordable as well as effective. Women generally know all the details of the medical abortion process before they online buy Abortion Pill. It is important to also understand what should be avoided and what not after your abortion. In order to recover fast, there are certain things which must be avoided.

As you look after your health during an abortion, it is equally important to focus on your after health. Women that buy online MTP Kit and undergo the medical abortion process, takes about 2 weeks to finish the process completely. Similarly, it takes more time for women to recover from a medical abortion, hence makes sure to understand the after-abortion healthcare and things to be avoided.

Make sure to follow the below-given information and avoid the following

Usage of Tampons

Using tampons normally can be okay, but inserting them after your medical abortion can cause severe infection issues. As you must be aware that Misoprostol causes severe cramps which eventually brings the fetus out in the form of vaginal bleeding. The bleeding during an abortion is usually much more as compared to normal menstruation hence it is not advisable to use tampons. Women must use maxi pads that tend to be more helpful and absorb more. You must also monitor the bleeding pattern as the sections on pregnancy are smoothly expelled through vaginal bleeding and blood clots.

Do not Exercise too soon

Exercise is never bad for health, but how and when you perform it is what matters the most. Doing vigorous exercise and performing difficult physical activities might hinder the betterment of your health. You must take complete rest rather than exercising soon after the abortion.

Restrict Consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol tends to come in your way of healing. Women generally bleed during an abortion; hence consumption of alcohol can be harmful and slow down the healing process. One can resume consumption of alcohol after about 3-4 weeks of abortion. 


It takes minimum 2 weeks for women to recover post their abortion. Intercourse right after abortion can turn out to be harmful as the tissues of the uterus and cervix are open to micro-organisms hence the chances of bacterial infections are more. The healing process is slow but once the women recover completely only then she can get involved in sexual activity. So if you wish to avoid any sort of infections make sure to avoid an intercourse after medical abortion for at least 2 weeks or more.

Avoid Getting into Swimming Pool

Swimming pools basically comprise of water, which is filled with half of the chemicals and also includes germs as so many people dive in and the water neither is nor regularly changed. The vaginal area during or post-abortion tends to be quite sensitive, hence the chances of experiencing infection are more.

Hence follow the instructions given to avoid any sort of complications. Take care of your health and give it enough time to heal completely.

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