What are the early pregnancy signs?

Pregnancy is a beautiful feeling and something which makes the couple feel nervous. You can possibly expect the doubts about either a wanted or an unwanted pregnancy. It all depends upon how soon you detect the pregnancy or pick the possible visible signs or symptoms. If your pregnancy is in the first trimester you can take your decisions better which means you can decide whether to keep your pregnancy or you can buy Abortion Pill online and terminate it as per your choice and convenience. Whatever you decide make sure to inform your physician and then carry out the task accordingly. Do not hurry in such cases and if you decide to abort the child make sure that you buy online Abortion Pills.

If in doubt you can always visit the doctor and possibly detect whether you are pregnant or not. You can also notice the possible signs of pregnancy at home. A woman's body generally makes certain changes which eventually let you know about the pregnancy, hence following are certain symptoms you must be aware of-

Body Cramps

After an intercourse body obviously undergoes few changes which majorly involves experiencing cramps. During reproduction, the levels of progesterone tend to increase in the body which tends to cause severe cramps and also menstruation is delayed. When you yourself experience both of these symptoms its time you visit the doctor for an immediate pregnancy test.

Menstrual Cycle

Menstruation cycle plays a major role in detecting the pregnancy of a woman. At times, due to certain hormonal changes the periods are delayed or do not show up for a month which does not indicate pregnancy. You must keep a track of your monthly periods which ensures whether it happened due to sexual intercourse or it was due to the stress hormones. The density and color of the blood also play a major role in detecting the problem, hence you must closely notice the changes in your bleeding.


Constant puking can be another relatable and important symptom which indicates pregnancy. It is obvious to vomit when pregnant. Some women also experience feeling fatigue due to a gradual decrease in the appetite. All of these thus indicate that you now need to be ready for a new member in your family.

Expand Breasts

Enlarged breasts is another symptom of women can possibly notice. This happens due to development of prolactin when an egg fertilizes in the womb of the mother followed by the secretion of hormones. Breast tenderness happens when the elf fertilizes thus causes indicates about the pregnancy of a woman.

Unpleasant Cravings

It is obviously in a pregnancy that women come across sour cravings. If the body works well it is obvious that women experience cravings. An adequate sign of pregnancy is when you find the lady crunching pickles a number of times. 

Mood Swings

The level of estrogen hormone is high followed by the HCG hormone which gives food to the baby. The levels of progesterone tend to increase or even decrease at times, which brings in severe mood swings. These mood swings are not constant and must be closely noticed.

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