Treat your abortion side effects at home

Medical termination is one of the most opted ways to terminate the pregnancy and also this is the trusted way to terminate the pregnancy. Many of the women use this abortion pills, but this medicine can result in side effects. The side effects of this medicine are few but still can affect your health drastically. There are several online stores from where you can buy online MTP kit and use this remedy at home corner to have a safe pregnancy termination. These medicines are used safely as they are FDA approved and also this process can be easily performed at home corners.

For terminating a pregnancy when you use abortion pill you can have the some of the serious side effects and this can be tackled with the help of home remedies even.

Nutrient density:

After the abortion, some of the tissues get tampered and it is necessary that you increase the consumption of certain nutrients. Vitamin B and vitamin C are important and these nutrients help to generate the tissues. Vitamin B2 helps to treat the cramps and as well as low hemoglobin can be increased with the intake of vitamin B2. Consuming vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and this helps you to recover soon from the side effect of abortion. Consuming green veggies and fruits helps to gain micro-mineral iron, which gets affected due to heavy bleeding.

Increasing the intake of water:

After an abortion, your body experiences an abnormal increase in the core temperature. Due to sweating and heavy vaginal bleeding, the electrolytes get constantly drained. Hence, to make up for the loss you need to intake an adequate amount of fluid so that your body can sustain these side effects. Consuming 5 liters of water can help you to maintain the electrolytes that can help in recovering.

Managing pelvic pain:

Abortion pills result in the side effect of pelvic pain and discomfort. You can either ask your doctor to provide you with the medicines or can have mild hot showers which help the blood to flow downwards and relieve the pain.

Diarrhea treatment:

Metabolism and gastric system are being affected the most after using this pregnancy termination pill. Many of the women have reported this side effect has been accompanied by stomach cramps. Hence consuming seasonal fruit which is rich in electrolyte and water content helps to tackle these side effects. Herbal tea with honey also helps to tackle the problem of cramps. In case you face unbearable stomach cramps and diarrhea then you need to seek a medical help.

Staying active:

To have a fast recovery it is important that the blood flows properly in your body. Medical abortion process brings several hormonal changes in your body. Staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps to make up for the lost blood. You can have a walk or a light exercise as this helps you stay active and if exercise is accompanied by a balanced diet then it can prove to be beneficial for you.

This home remedy can be practiced and used first at home corners, but in case any of the side effects get severe then make sure that you seek a medical help.

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