Safe termination of pregnancy assured through MTP Kit

Women make use of a medical abortion in most of the cases where their pregnancy is as old as 10 weeks or even lesser than that. Your pregnancy duration can be easily counted through a clinical examination or you can even count it at home from the first day of recently passed menstruation till date. Abortions can be carried out at your home itself and so someone looking for privacy and an effective method of abortion must buy online Abortion Pill. For trouble-free abortion, you must go for an FDA approved and genuine abortion pill and most of the time doctors recommend opting for an MTP Kit. The reason why MTP Kit is preferred the most by women is that it comprises of both the mandatory abortion pills which benefit in the successful abortion process.

Mechanism of an MTP Kit

MTP Kit basically consists of 1 tablet of Mifepristone (200mg) and 4 tablets of Misoprostol (200mcg each). Women can easily carry out the process at their place in complete privacy without the trouble of going to the hospital as well. The medicines included in the kit function differently, hence you must be aware of the functionality of both of them. The first and initial abortion pill which is Mifepristone is known to be an anti-progesterone medication. It works by stopping the progesterone hormone from passing important nutrients and oxygen to the fetus, which makes it lose life for some hours.

The dead fetus has to be removed out through natural ways which are accomplished by Misoprostol abortion pill. It tends to cause contractions in the womb, which brings fetus and its sections out through vaginal bleeding. That is how the whole process works and brings the abortion process to an end.

Dosage Pattern

When women buy MTP Kit online it tends to come with a guidance manual along with it which includes all the necessary information related to the dosage. Doctors suggest to first consume Mifepristone tablet orally with a glass full of water. After completion of 24-48 hours, it is advisable to place 2 tablets each of Misoprostol on the cheek pouch which eventually dissolves after half an hour. This process is known as buccal ingestion. After 30 minutes you must consume water and take all the leftovers of the pill.

Side Effects

Pick every medicine and you will definitely find some or the other side effects and just like that even MTP Kit holds few side effects which are temporary and do not last long. Some temporary and mild side effects are dizziness, vomiting, severe cramps in the abdomen, heavy bleeding, headache, etc. You must consult the doctor if the side effects last longer.


  1. Get the intrauterine device removed before an abortion.
  2. Do not intake alcohol or smoke cigarette during the whole process. 
  3. Women who are breastfeeding must stop it for some hours. 
  4. You must speak to the doctor and inform them if suffering from any liver, kidney or heart-related problems. 
  5. MTP Kit is not suitable for women above 35 years of age, so before you opt for this medicine you must talk to your healthcare advisor.

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