Mifeprex - Guide of medicine for medical termination

Those women who have an unwanted pregnancy prefer terminating their pregnancy with the help of medicines or either surgical way. Both the process gives you the same result as well both are the well-known methods of having an unplanned pregnancy terminated. Women now buy online abortion pills as this is a cost-effective remedy which can help you to terminate the unplanned pregnancy at home corners. These medicines are the best to terminate the pregnancy up to 7 weeks.

Is there any other medicine that is similar to the Mifeprex?

Mifeprex is the brand name and it contains Mifepristone as an active ingredient. This medicine is also sold under the brand name Generic RU486 and Mifepristone as well it is an essential pill which MTP kit consists of.

How should you administrate this pregnancy termination pill?

Unlike Misoprostol, this pill can only be consumed orally with the glass of water. You need to gulp this 200mg pill so that you can terminate your unwanted gestation period. This pill can be used alone as well as in combination and also before you use these pills it is necessary that you confirm the gestation period.

How does this abortion pill work?

Mifepristone alone:

If you are using Mifeprex alone, then you need to gulp 3 pills of 200mg so that it can break the lining of the uterus and the whole process can lead to safe termination of pregnancy.

Pregnancy termination pill in combination:

Many of the doctors ask women to buy Mifeprex online along with Misoprostol pill to get an unplanned pregnancy terminated. You first need to intake Mifepristone so that it can help to break the lining of the uterus. Once the lining of the uterus breaks the fetus gets detached from the uterus and to begin this process you need to intake one pill. After 24 hours you need to gulp Misoprostol 4 pills and then it helps to contract the uterus and dilate the cervix so that the fetus can get expelled.

What are the abortions after side effect?

There are no such side effects of Mifeprex pill other than slight bleeding. Some of the women even do not bleed after using Mifeprex pill. After intake Misoprostol pill, you bleed heavily and fetal tissues are being removed from the body. The other side effects that you can experience are clotting, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fatigue.

What are the precautions that are mandatory to take?

While on this pregnancy termination pill, it is necessary that you do not intake any of the pills which reacts with this medicine. You also need to be sure that you do avoid physical labor so that you can recover from the trauma. Magnesium use should be avoided while on this pregnancy termination pill so that it doesn’t react and result in side effects. Consuming alcohol and smoke while on abortion pill can result in heavy bleeding, hence you are suggested to avoid doing so. This pregnancy doesn’t affect your future pregnancies hence you are suggesting that you do not bother about your future pregnancy.

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