Knowing the pros and cons of using Abortion Pill

Many of the women opt for medical termination and this is one of the most private ways in which women can use to terminate the pregnancy. Having pregnancy termination with the help of pills helps women to use this medicine at home corner and make the termination look like a miscarriage. The medicines that are used for termination are FDA approved and can be used safely for termination. Women order Abortion Pills online as this is the trusted method which people can use safely to abort the pregnancy. Also, you can use some painkillers so that you can use the medicines to tackle the side effects.

Following are some of the pros that you need to know about the Abortion Pill:

  • Privacy: Medical termination is done with the help of pills and this method doesn’t require any instrument to be induced in your body. This medicine helps to terminate the pregnancy at home corner and also if this method is performed at an early stage then it will result better and less painful.
  • Affordable: This medical termination is affordable and many of the women cannot afford to terminate the pregnancy surgically and hence this method is affordable. Surgical termination includes the cost of doctors, flying to the place where abortion is legal and many other expenses, whereas medical termination only includes the cost of medicines and the fees of a gynecologist. 
  • Less or no risk of infection: Medical termination as is done only with the help of pills, hence there is less or no risk of having an infection. As instruments that are used can also lead to infection, it is not performed by the certified person. 
  • No pain to the fetus: Medical termination results in no pain to the fetus as it doesn’t develop any of the neurological aspects that make it sensitive towards pain.

Apart from cons there are also some of the cons that are needed to be known and they are:

  • Termination at early stages: Medical termination is prescribed for the women who want to terminate the pregnancy at early stages. Medical termination can only be performed if your gestation period is up to 8 weeks or less than 8 weeks. 
  • Medicines may fail: Yes, medical termination can fail, but there are only 1% rare cases which result in incomplete termination. Hence, to remove those retained parts it is necessary that you seek a help form gynecologist to terminate your pregnancy completely.
  • Takes longer time: Surgical termination requires 15-20 minutes, whereas medical termination requires 2 days and even after that women may bleed for 14-20 days. Hence medical termination takes a lot of time through the fetus gets evicted within 2 days. 
  • Side effects of medicines: After you use Abortion Pills women have the side effects like nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, and vomiting. These side effects can sometimes get severe and may require an immediate help.

Before using any of the Abortion Pills for termination it is important that you gather a complete knowledge about termination and process so that you can terminate a pregnancy on time

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