What are the various reasons why a woman gets an abortion?

Those who criticize woman may not be aware of the underlying fact, why a woman is going for an abortion. There are cases when the woman is willing to have an abortion in a secret manner and so plans to buy Abortion Pill online. There are various valid reasons that a woman gives to discontinue the pregnancy. Some woman claims that they do not wish to continue the pregnancy and they do not have any interest in rearing the child, this is the case when the woman has been subjected to the case of rape or incest.

The health of the mother

Few cases when the woman had a child recently within 3 months then getting pregnant with the second child immediately may not support her health condition and she should definitely get an abortion as this may not suit the health of the mother or the baby that is already born (in case of breastfeeding) and the fetus. Such cases even the doctor suggests to have an abortion so that the health of the mother as well the baby that is born remains healthy.

In case of ectopic pregnancy

A woman should definitely get an abortion in case of ectopic pregnancy. The abortion, in this case, is a surgical abortion but if a woman should get an abortion as this kind of pregnancy can be fatal when the pregnancy grows.

Financial constraints in the family

That woman who is suffering from the problem of financial constraint does not want to continue the pregnancy as they know that the nurturing a child requires a lot of funds. This is a wise decision to wait until the monetary funds of the family become better and they can take a child. Few of the times if the woman does not get an abortion and they end up having a pregnancy then the entire family comes down to the position of poverty.

When the woman has suffered from the problem of rape or incest

In this cruel world, there are a lot of cases which lead to cases like molestation and rape in which a woman gets pregnant. In these cases, the woman needs to get an abortion as she has an emotional crisis as well as she is not ready to keep any memories of the bad incident that has taken place in her life.

When is the child detected to be deformed?

Normally when a woman undergoes an ultrasound and it is detected that the woman is pregnant with a deformed baby then is such a case the woman should undergo an abortion as continuing with this kind of pregnancy makes a woman adopt suicidal tendencies. In such cases, it is good for a woman to get an abortion and she can also get an abortion easily without much of issues.

Too many kids:

There are cases when a woman undergoes an abortion as they have too many kids and they do not want to add to the burden of taking an additional kid in their family.

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