Symptoms of Pregnancy You Weren’t Aware Of

During a pregnancy, women undergo a lot of changes happening in their body which are quite weird. There are a few common symptoms people are generally aware of that detects about a woman’s pregnancy, such as a backache, nausea, vomiting, etc. but there are certain other symptoms as well that tend to detect a woman’s pregnancy which you must have never heard before. If you are planning for an abortion, then the easiest way is to buy Abortion Pill online, but if you wish to keep your pregnancy, then there are these symptoms you really need to be aware of. Here are the following symptoms that you may never have thought about a pregnancy.


When a woman is pregnant, she tends to get very tired. Also, you might suffer from fatigue or sometimes you may not, but pregnancy insomnia can be suffered if a woman is pregnant. This becomes a symptom for some women at times. You can detect this easily when you are unable to get good sleep or go back to sleep after you are awake. If you want to avoid this you can opt for exercising, relax and lower the intake of caffeine if you have been consuming coffee daily. This symptom does not stay longer, hence you can face it either in your first or third trimester.

Heavy Vaginal Discharge

During pregnancy, periods tend to stop, but we did not expect to suffer from excessive vaginal discharge at that time. During a pregnancy, vaginal discharge is normal and is considered to be healthy and is similar during ovulation time. Doctors do recommend women to wear panty liners. As soon as the due date is near the discharge becomes heavy. In some cases, the smell and the color tend to change which is not a good sign hence in such cases you must immediately seek medical assistance.


Pregnancy has one more effect on the body and is another sign of pregnancy. The hormones of pregnancy affect the intestines, which slow them down and make lethargic. In this case, women find a lot of difficulty in the bathroom. Constipation becomes one more symptom faced during pregnancy. If you want to get rid of this pregnancy constipation, you must exercise, consume plenty of fluids, eating food items high in fiber, and other healthy fluids. If any of these natural remedies do not work, then you must seek assistance from the doctor.

Bleeding and Stuffiness in nasal

Nobody could ever think that pregnancy has any connection with your nose, but that is not the case because nasal stuffiness and nasal bleeding can very commonly happen. You can easily get over these problems with natural remedies such as using a humidifier or by exhaling salt water. There might be other ways as well to get over this problem so if any of the above-given methods do not work properly you can speak to your healthcare advisor.

Gastronomically Dilemma

The problems of gastronomy can be related to your pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones cause problems to your gastronomical tract. It generally causes gas and also burps which are quite common. Do not hold it in and try to avoid food items that cause gas.

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