Know about your menstrual cycle after an abortion

The woman does undergo termination with the help of the abortion pills and they are not aware of the different effects that they may face while then having an abortion. This is supposed to be the best method of getting an abortion and this is the reason why woman prefers to buy Abortion Pills online. Only a few of them are aware of the menstrual cycle that they will face during the process of the abortion.

How are the periods after an abortion?

After the second dosage of abortion that is during the administration of Misoprostol pill, a woman may face a lot bleeding this is more usual than the menstrual cycle and then this is supposed to dilute the entire pregnancy parts and this is supposed to push the entire pregnancy parts through the uterus.

This mechanism also leads to a lot of pain in the pelvic region to as the contractions occur while this process. The uterus also expels the pregnancy parts which are disposed of like a vaginal discharged. If you have your pregnancy period within 10 weeks, then you may suffer from the problem of bleeding until 3 weeks and after about 4-12 weeks you will start with your periods again.
The first period that you will suffer after the surgical abortion is much lighter than the medical abortion as during the scraping method entire pregnancy parts is pulled out.

The periods after a surgical abortion are less than that of the medical abortion and it is less painful too. It may last for about 3 hours only.

Difficulties that you may face

If you are suffering from the cramps that are more than 24 hours and that you are suffering from some problem and you should make sure that you visit the doctor.

There are problems where the menstrual problem has lasted for about more than 2 months and they need to visit the doctor immediately.

You can also face the problem of a blood clot that is larger than the size of a bigger lemon. If this is the case, then you need to inform the doctor at once. You should also make sure that you only use the maxi pads and not take menstrual cups or tampons.

You can face the problem of fatigue, back pain, or tender breasts are a few more problems that a person can face.

What are the chances of getting pregnant after an abortion?

Some woman does not bleed for almost two or three months after an abortion, but the ovulation period is still on and the body starts preparing for the next pregnancy.

A woman who has undergone an abortion can become pregnant in just a few days after an abortion. This is the reason after the abortion ends, it's necessary to start with the protection immediately. It’s better to go for birth control pills rather than taking an IUD device or any vaginal ring as the chances of infection are also high.

You should consult your physician if you see any changes in your menstrual cycle.

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