How to know that you are eligible for pregnancy termination?

Medical termination is one of the important factors and this is suggested as a way of terminating the pregnancy. Women prefer this way as it is the safest and cost-effective way of terminating the pregnancy. Women to have a safe and private termination order MTP kit online and this is the most prescribed ways to have a termination. Before you use this pregnancy termination pill, it is important that you make sure that you are eligible to have a termination.

Before you terminate your pregnancy, it is important that you fit in the criteria to use abortion pills:

You are pregnant:

Sometimes women only because she missed periods consider herself to be pregnant. Before you consider yourself pregnant, it is important that you have a pregnancy test to confirm that you are pregnant. You should never self-medicate and use the pill for termination. Some of the women use the birth control pills wrong way and also, they consider termination pills as birth control pills.

The gestation period not above 8 weeks:

Once the pregnancy is confirmed you need to confirm your gestation period. Before you undergo pregnancy termination, you need to make sure about gestation periods as this helps you to confirm the way to have a termination. If your gestation period is above 8 weeks, then you need to undergo a surgical termination. If your gestation period is within 8 weeks, then you can buy online Abortion Pills to have a safe termination.

Your age is 18 years:

Termination pills are not accessed in every part of the country. The body and the mind of the small girls are not mature and they are unable to handle the pregnancy and termination. Indulging in sexual intercourse or having a medical termination for the girls below the age of 18 years should be strictly restricted.

It's your own decision:

Medical termination cannot be forced and these pills are being used by own. Before women use pills for termination it is important that you know the side effects of these pills.

Your country permits to have termination:

There are many of the countries wherein abortion is restricted. And in such cases, women need to fly to other countries to seek termination. Before you use these pills, it is important that you know whether your countries permit you to access Abortion Pills or not.

You do not use other medication:

If you are eligible for using Abortion Pill make sure that you do not use any other medication while on this pill. There is a list of medications that react with this pregnancy termination pill. Hence, you are suggested to seek a help form healthcare provider about the use of Abortion Pills.

This is a non-surgical method of terminating the pregnancy and this is also the prescribed way as the medications used are safe. These medications are not prescribed to be used if your pregnancy is ectopic. Women can successfully terminate the pregnancy with the help of pills as this is the safest method.


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