Effective and Safest Abortion Process with 100% Results

MTP Kit is a pregnancy termination medication which is specially designed for pregnancy termination process. MTP Kit is also known as Medical Termination of Pregnancy Kit, which includes two main abortion pills namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol kit. Both of these abortion pills together function to terminate pregnancy successfully. Women from all across the globe prefer this abortion pill and consider as the effective way of abortion. This medicine is basically approved by FDA and passes all the safety standards which make it safe for use. Also, the fact that you can buy abortion pill online and experience abortion at your home in complete privacy and comfort zone. MTP Kit holds 1 tablet of Mifepristone holding a dose of 200mg and 4 tablets of Misoprostol holding 200mcg each. It is mandatory to use both the medications for abortion purpose.

How does MTP Kit work?

Mifepristone pregnancy termination pill

Mifepristone is considered as first and important abortion pill which basically works as an anti-progesterone medication. Progesterone hormone is being allotted for providing fetus the desired nutrients which help it grow hence Mifepristone does stop it from functioning which leaves the fetus with no oxygen eventually leading it to death. The fetus loses life in the womb and also the cervix is being widened. That’s how Mifepristone abortion pill works and the abortion process is further continued by the next abortion pill.

Misoprostol pregnancy termination pill

The next medicine is solely responsible for bringing out the dead fetus, which is possible with the help of Misoprostol tablet. This medication basically works by causing severe womb contractions and cramps. These cramps eventually bring out the dead fetus as well as the rest of the pregnancy sections which hereby completes the whole abortion process.

How to consume the MTP Kit?

You need to buy MTP Kit online and consume it as per the instructions were given to you by your physician or you can refer the guidance manual which is being provided along with the medicine.

Mifepristone should be orally ingested with water and gulp it directly without chewing, breaking or dissolving it. You must make sure that the abortion pill is taken only when you are completely ready for carrying out abortions. There are chances of you facing bleeding, but that happens in very rare cases. Post 24 to 48 hours make sure to consume the next medicine which is Misoprostol buccally. Here, the purpose is to place 2 tablets each into the cheek pouch until the medicine dissolves for about 30 minutes. The medicine tends to leave its particles behind in the mouth hence you need to consume water and ingest the residues.

What are the possible side effects of MTP Kit?

There are times where a female faces few side effects and then there are few of them who don’t hence we do have a list of common and temporary side effects which women come across. Some of these side effects are dizziness, vomiting, severe cramps, heavy bleeding, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, etc. If at all these side effects last longer than make sure to consult the doctor for it.

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