Millions of Women Trust Cytotec for Safe Medical Abortion

Misoprostol is considered as the best medical abortion which indicates a successful abortion in women facing first-trimester pregnancy. Abortion carried out by usage of Misoprostol medication holds a success rate of 90% which is combined with a primary medication named as Mifepristone can work wonders for women undergoing 7 weeks old pregnancy. As per doctors recommendation, women must buy Cytotec online if they wish to bring their unwanted pregnancy to an end. There are certain pointers to be kept in mind before consumption of the medication so refers the below-given information for better usage.

How do Misoprostol tablets work?

The abortion pill must be taken after Mifepristone wherein the primary medication does the job of blocking the progesterone in the body which eventually has a negative impact on the fetus. When the fetus dies inside the womb that is when Misoprostol tablets come into action. Doctors advise 800mcg which is 4 tablets to be ingested which first leads to womb contractions. Womb contractions make the pregnancy sections and the embryo to expel from the womb through the vagina. This abortion pill makes sure that all the pregnancy sections are out with the process of heavy bleeding. This working process has to be monitored well by you to avoid any complications. You can also carry out the process at your nearest clinic with consumption of same pregnancy termination pill.

What is the consumption pattern?

As mentioned above Mifepristone abortion pill is to be ingested first orally. You must then consume cheap Cytotec pill which is available in 200mcg dose. A usual recommended dose is 4 tablets which are to be kept into the cheek pouches 2 each and let them sit and dissolve there for about 30 to 40 minutes after which you can ingest water. The process does not take much of time but make sure that Cytotec pills are consumed after 2 to 3 days of consumption of the first medication. Women must take proper guidance with respect to the dosage from their respective doctor. As soon as both the medications are been consumed you will face heavy blood flow which is not as usual as the normal bleeding pattern during menses.

What are the possible side effects?

Every medication holds some side effects which do not persist longer than a day or so. Some very common ill-effects of this abortion pill are nausea, dizziness, stomach cramps, abdominal pain, anxiety, etc. In certain rare cases some side effects last longer than expected and start affecting a women's health and that’s when it is been advised to immediately consult the doctor to get over the problem.

What precautions must an individual take before and after consumption of Cytotec abortion pill?

Inform the doctor about any allergies you face due to certain food components or medications. Inform them about any medical or surgical history. If allergic to any components of Misoprostol make sure to inform the doctor. Do not make use of beverages like alcohol and also avoid smoking cigarette before an abortion and also for minimum 14 days after your abortion. Make sure to combine the medicine with Mifepristone as it lowers the risk of an incomplete abortion. In case of prolonged bleeding, severe never-ending cramps inform the doctor and take immediate assistance.

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