Unidentified Facts about Abortion Pills

Since past few years, women have been bringing a pregnancy to an end by usage of abortion pills. There are very few of them who do not prefer abortion with the help of abortion pills. The reason why women prefer this non-invasive method is because-

  • Allows confidentiality
  • Inexpensive
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Abortion occurs in comfort zone

Even doctors these days recommend termination of pregnancy which is 9 to 10 weeks older by usage of these abortion pills rather than going for a surgery. Surgeries might be useful if carried out for abortion older than 5 to 6 months or so which is not even legal. We do have some very effective abortion pills which hold a good name in the market in terms of its best effects.

Mifepristone- This is known to be an excellent abortion pill which is used for ending a pregnancy which is 49 days old. This drug holds 200mg in a single tablet and for abortion process, you must consume minimum 2 of these tablets and in some cases, you are supposed to ingest 3 Mifepristone. This abortion pill functions by blocking the function of progesterone hormone that helps in growth of the fetus. Once progesterone is destroyed the lining of uterus breaks which discontinues pregnancy. You can buy Mifepristone online at a very good cost.

Misoprostol- Misoprostol is used in combination with Mifepristone. This abortion pill benefits in contraction of the womb that result in heavy cramps. This, in turn, leads to severe bleeding. In this manner, you can successfully abort a pregnancy. Nevertheless, this pill can also be consumed alone which holds a 90% of success rate but before consumption, you must first consult your physician about it. Misoprostol has 4 tablets of 200mcg (each). You are supposed to gulp all the 4 tablets together which can either be done by insertion of the vagina or with the help of oral ingestion. If consuming orally make sure to keep it under the tongue for about half an hour or so and then drink water to ensure no remains of the tablet are present in your mouth.

MTP Kit- MTP kit is a very famous abortion kit used by millions of women to terminate the pregnancy. This kit is a combination of both Mifepristone and Misoprostol wherein both the medicines need to be consumed. First, you are required to ingest Mifepristone and after about 24 hours you must consume Misoprostol which indicates safe and successful abortion. This combination together has a success rate of 98% and is used for 9 to 10 weeks old pregnancy.

All of these abortion pills hold similar and common side effects that continue for a week and then stop. Some of these side effects are dizziness, vomiting, nausea, severe abdominal cramps and also severe bleeding. If you see some side effects exceeding more than a week or so then you must seek medical help.

Storage is an essential step because people end up purchasing abortion pills in bulk and then fail to store them properly leading to wastage so you must store the drugs into a cool and dry place which should be away from kids and pets reach.

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