Symptoms that indicate you have a bladder infection

Reproductive organ of women is designed well. But they need to face some of the other problems due to these internal parts which help in functioning. A urinary tract infection or bladder infection is one of them. This infection is mostly caused due to E. coli bacteria, these bacteria usually live in the colon and around the anus. This problem is caused in women who have a shorter urethra and also close to the anus. This disorder takes place due to improper wiping or due to sexual intimacy, this bacteria through the urethra enters the urinary tract and it keeps on multiplying in the bladder due to which the infection of bladder takes place.

It is important that you treat this disorder before treating you should know what are the symptoms of a bladder infection:

Painful urination:

             If you experience stinging pain, discomfort or sharp pain, burning sensation while passing the urination then this is the symptom that you are facing the problem of dysuria. This problem is present in 3% of women above the age of 40years. This is the basic symptom which indicates that you have an infection in your bladder.

Frequent urination:

            If you notice that you are going to the washroom more than 8 times a day or wake up during the night to urinate then you need to seek a help from a doctor. Frequently urinating is the indication of interstitial cystitis- a urinary tract infection which causes inflammation in the bladder muscle layers and pain in the pelvic region. Due to this, you will feel to urinate even though it is produced in small amounts.

Urinary urgency:

           This is very similar to frequent urination. This is a symptom wherein you would feel the need to urinate immediately. If you have this symptom then you may find that you would be needing to rush to the washroom to urge the urination. Urinary urgency is a sign of infection which is most of the time accompanied by pain or discomfort in the urinary tract.

Tenderness of lower abdomen or lower back pain:

              If near the abdominal region you feel sensitive then you may have the symptoms of cystitis. The discomfort during this time is due to pressure on the pelvis which is around the pubic bone. This is most of the time coupled with frequent and painful urination. Like abdominal pain, even back pain is a symptom of a bladder infection. If you do not treat this disorder for a long time then it can spread from bladder to kidney and may even damage your kidney due to which you may experience the problem of back pain. These are the symptoms of pyelonephritis or kidney infection which need to be treated. The other indication which accompanies are shaking, fever, nausea, and vomiting.

Blood in urine:

                If you notice light pink to red or cola colored with cloths then you may have haematuria. Haematuria is blood in urine which signifies that you have a bladder infection. Blood in urine comes due to leakage of red blood cells from the kidney or from the parts of the urinary tract. If you notice this symptom then you need to immediately consult a doctor for treatment.

Cloudy urine:

               Normally urine is pale yellow in color and is clear. But if you have an infection in urinary tract then it can pus which are dead skin cells, bacteria and white blood cells which appear in your urine.

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