Right Product Consumption during Pregnancy

Consumption of any food items has a direct impact on the baby. Whatever is been consumed by the lady helps the baby grow and helps nourish well. As per our experts, it is always been advised to consume healthy food items which can help in the growth of the yet-to-be-born child. One must keep a check and also consult a good dietician so that proper vitamins are been delivered making the fetus grow. A pregnant lady must consume food items that consist of calcium, protein, iron and folic acid. Kindly read below to know more-

Calcium- It is an important mineral that helps the teeth and bones of the baby to build strong. If enough calcium is not been taken then it is extracted from the bones of a mother to suffice the demand. Also, vitamin D is essential for growth. Certain dairy products play an important role. You can consume milk, cheese, yogurt, salmon with bones, green leafy vegetables, etc.

Protein- Proteins are extremely important while pregnant. Women must consume food items rich in protein and it helps in the building of certain organs of the baby and we do not want any organ to be underdeveloped so protein intake is essential. Food items such as tofu, nuts, eggs, dried beans and peas, meat and fishes are rich in protein so you can consume them as per desired quantity suggested by the doctor.

Folic Acid- You can refer folic acid as vitamin B which is an important nutrient present in some food items. The reason why this is always suggested to be consumed is that it helps in avoiding birth defects especially related to the spinal cord as well as the brain. It is always difficult to detect food items containing folic acid but we do have some items mentioned rich in folic acids such as leafy vegetables, cereals, pasta, citric fruits, beans, and bread. Make sure you consume them in a limited quantity and not in high quantity.

Iron- Iron is essential for a person to even when they are not pregnant. A pregnant lady is always advised to have 27 milligrams of iron each day which almost twice the amount given to a normal lady when not undergoing pregnancy. Some minerals are essential which helps in building blood eventually leading to sufficient amount of oxygen to the baby. If iron is not been given during pregnancy the newborn might as well face infection, fatigue, anemia, etc. You can always add vitamin C with iron such as consuming orange juice combining it with cereals which are rich in iron.

We do have a list of food items which is been suggested by our experts to be consumed while pregnancy to deliver a healthy newborn. We aim at having food items which are rich in nutrients and minerals while pregnancy. There are some food items which women ought to have while pregnant.

Whole grains- Whole grains tend to provide vitamin-B, iron, and fiber which is essential to provide energy. Oatmeal, bread and brown rice fall in this category which a good add-on in your meals.

Fruits and Vegetables- Consumption of fruits and vegetables can never go wrong as they have a number of nutrients in them. During second and third trimester this is something really essential.

Women are also advised to have lean protein and dairy products. 

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