Tricks to deal with morning sickness during pregnancy

Pregnancy as is a beautiful stage of life still there are many of the up’s and down’s during this period.  Morning sickness is one of the symptoms which can be experienced during pregnancy. These pregnancy side effects can occur between 6- 12 weeks of being pregnant.

These symptoms can be an add-on risk sometimes. So here are some of the remedies which can help you to treat the symptoms of morning sickness.


            Pregnant ladies should make ginger their best friend. According to the research, ginger has been considered in the records of traditional medicines. Hence ginger is been used for more than 2000years as a remedy. Ginger has the qualities to treat nausea, especially which is faced by women during pregnancy. Ginger helps to treat nausea from seasickness, morning sickness, and chemotherapy-induced therapy. Drinking ginger tea throughout the day can help you to ease the problem of morning sickness.


             Though ginger is the best remedy, the second remedy which you can use is peppermint.  You can consume peppermint in any form like tea or candy form so that it can help you to reduce nausea and upset stomach for the whole day.


             Fluids help to remain hydrated. The most trusted remedy to which you can tuck is lemon. You can sip in lemon tea or have lemon juice so that it can help you treat the problem of queasy. All these symptoms are the indication that your body needs and it is due to deficiencies of some of the other acids in your body.

Before you feel sick, eat:

                 It's good that you eat before you have the symptom of morning sickness. This can help you to reduce the symptom of nausea.  If you notice that you feel sick during a particular time of day then you should before it. Morning sickness is something opposite to what you exactly feel like doing.  So you should make a habit that you eat often in small quantity so that you can prevent this symptom.

Vitamin B6:

               Consuming vitamins can help you to bring down the symptom of nausea to the manageable level. If you have the symptoms of nausea and vomiting during the pregnancy you can intake vitamin B6 25mg three times a day to reduce this symptom.  The working of this not yet known but still you can get benefits from it. But before you start any of the supplements containing vitamin make sure that you consult a doctor.


               Acupressure treatment should be taken only if your doctor recommends that it is okay for you. This is one of the best and safest ways which can help you to beat the problem of morning sickness. If it is not possible for you to book an appointment then you can use acupressure morning sickness bands which are created for this purpose of treating morning sickness.

Treat yourself:

               If you do not find out anything working then you can use any of the methods which can help you to ease this symptom. It may be candy or anything. If your doctor tells you that you are fit and fine and still are facing this symptom then you can have whatever that can make you calm. Lemonade or frozen beverages can help you.  

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