Reasons of delayed menstrual cycles

Women’s reproductive organ are beautifully designed which bears pregnancy and menstruation. Menstruation wherein women bleed for three to seven days is normal. Sometimes due to many of the reasons women face the problem of irregular menstruation. Women who bleed are to have 28days of the menstrual cycle. During menstruation women face bleeding, cramping and clotting and this is faced by women on every month. There are many of the reasons of irregular periods but most of the time it can be pregnancy even. If you are not pregnant then it may be due to other reasons.

Following are the reasons why women face irregular periods:

Lifestyle changes:

Menstrual cycles are complex and it requires the timing of the hormones working together. When you do work or follow the daily routine your body habitual to it and goes with the flow. When you move from one city to other, have an, switch up the sleep timings then the balance of the hormones are thrown away and it can affect your periods. So if your daily routine changed then do not worry after you get habitual to it your periods may return.


Stress is a part of life but if you are too much stressed then it can affect your menstrual cycles. If you are planning a wedding or are stressed due to then this can delay the periods. When you are drained emotionally or mentally your hypothalamus gland may stop producing the hormones which are responsible for starting your menstrual cycles. Once you are distressed your periods may come back. If you are stressed due to late menstrual cycles then delay it even more.

Major weight gain or loss:

Your weight and length of your menstrual cycles are directly related. If you have gained the weight there are that you may have a heavy bleeding coming month and may be absent for next month. if you weight then may even your periods. engage in regular exercise and exercise vigorously then there are chances of missing . If due to weight issues you are facing the menstrual cycles then it may be due to female hormones as estrogen. To tackle with this to maintain a healthy weight.


When you are sick your body faces all kind of problems and your body may delay ovulation due to which eggs are not been released properly. If your ovulation gets delayed then there are chances of having . Cold cannot influence it if you have flu then this may trick your menstruation cycles.


Medications are sometimes a part of daily routine. Medications can also be the reason why you are having irregular periods. If you are using any pills or pills then you may need to talk to your doctor because you periods may get affected due to this medication. Medications may only affect you if you are just beginning with some medication. This is normal because your body and menstrual cycles are not used to it.

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