Embarrassing symptoms you notice during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a stage which will change your entire life. Some of the moments of pregnancy can be painful whereas some of them can be memorable. You can have craving for food and may even notice many of the effects.

Following are some of the embarrassing symptoms of pregnancy which you may notice:

  • Gas and burps:

             It is very normal to feel gassy during pregnancy. There are many of the parts in body wherein gas gets trapped in the body and even it may happen that it may come out at the wrong time.

  • gas you may also experience burp. It is very normal for a pregnant lady to notice all the symptoms which are embarrassing. Do not try to restrict this thing.
  • Sweating more:

         Excessive sweating during pregnancy happens due to increase in blood flow. This symptom can make you feel embarrassed while you are in public. Having more sweating also means that you will have body odor. Hence you are suggested to take quick baths and keep yourself dry as much as possible.

  • Increased vaginal discharge:

            Due to increase in hormonal flow and blood pressure your uterus will be under a lot of pressure. During pregnancy, it is very normal to have a more vaginal discharge as compared to normal and it is also embarrassing. You might also require changing the inners more frequently due to excessive vaginal discharge.

  • Mood swings:

          Due to hormonal changes, you may notice the symptoms of mood swing which are likely to occur during your pregnancy. Mood swings occur due to change in the hormones. You may even sometimes lose your temper. These symptoms are normal because it is been faced by every pregnant lady during pregnancy period.

  • Sudden carving:

           During pregnancy, it may happen that you may feel to have something at night. Carving of food doesn’t happen in the night it also happens during daytime. You might eat the entire steak when you have office lunch break. It may be embarrassing for you to eat too much in front of your co-workers. This is the reason you are advised to carry some extra snacks with you and you should also stock the snacks by your bedside so that you can have it at night whenever you need.

  • Unusual dreams:

             When you are pregnant you might have lusty or scary nightmares. This unusual dreaming happens due to increase in blood flow and change in hormones called estrogen. Sometimes you may also notice that while you are having a daytime nap you may experience dreams and might wake you up.

  • Leaky nipples:

             One of the most embarrassing symptoms you notice is a leaky nipple. Before you give birth to the child your body starts to get prepared for the further things like your body starts to produce milk. This symptom is quite embarrassing when you are in public. You can use place soaking pads on your nipples so that it helps you in such situations. If you notice heavy leaking that you need to change the soaking pads from time to time.

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