Symptoms of Miscarriage

Pregnancy is the most beautiful stage of every woman’s life. Women sometimes also have to face miscarriage. Miscarriage happens naturally and sometimes women buy MTP kit online so that they can terminate their pregnancy.  Women use this way of termination because it seems like a miscarriage which occurred naturally. Miscarriage is a pregnancy loss before the 20th week. If a miscarriage is noticed after 20th week then it is considered a stillbirth. Stillbirth means baby is born but is dead. Once miscarriage starts you cannot stop it and you lose your pregnancy. This is the reason utmost care is being taken while a woman is pregnant. Miscarriage happens due to many of the reasons like smoking, use of drugs like cocaine, diabetes, hyperthyroidism and the physical problem of the uterus.

Following are the symptoms of miscarriage which can help you consult a doctor if occurs:


Bleeding is the first symptom which helps you to know about the miscarriage. The bleeding may vary from light to heavy. Sometimes you may even notice spotting. Bleeding always doesn’t signify miscarriage but it leads to healthy pregnancy. Bleeding which occurs during pregnancy is not always a sign of miscarriage but it may be due to implantation or due to some infection. Hence if you notice bleeding or spotting then do consult a gynecologist once.


You may sometimes feel cramping in your abdomen or intestine which happens due to stretching of ligament but this can also be a reason miscarriage. If you have strong cramps as compared to menstrual cycles which accompanied by bleeding then you need to seek a medical help.

Back pain:

If you notice bleeding and back pain together then you may have a miscarriage. If you notice any such symptoms then do make a call to the .

Vaginal discharge:

If you experience unusual discharge which includes clots and gush of fluid then this is a symptom of miscarriage. Sometimes you may also notice discharge which leads to vaginal irritation. If you notice a fetal tissue passing which is grayish in color or which look like a clot then seek a medical help immediately because it is the symptom that you lose your pregnancy.

Loss of pregnancy symptoms:

After weeks of nausea, feeling fine mean your hormones levels have evened out. This could be a symptom of losing a pregnancy accompanied by some other symptoms. It happens sometimes but sure that you consult a gynecologist once if you notice the of pregnancy symptoms with some other symptom like bleeding or spotting.

Negative test result after positive results:

Some of the women due to fear of the miscarriage does the pregnancy test several times so that they can assure themselves. It is very difficult for women to have a minus sign after having plus sign. Sometimes that you can notice negative pregnancy test after one positive so make sure that you visit a clinic to assure yourself your pregnancy results.

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