Myths about Sex Determination

Pregnancy is the stage which is faced by every woman once in a life. Woman is the one who feels the baby from the moment she gets the news. Most of the sex determination is been done to conclude whether girl or boy will take birth. Though these tests are illegal still people conduct it. Most of the time women are forced to abort the child if she is about to give birth to the girl child. It’s fun to guess the gender of the child but do not take it seriously.

Sex determination is the confirmation of gender of the child but some of the people also believe in myths of sexual determination which have nothing to do with sex of the child. Following are some of the myths which are been trusted:

Myth: People believe that if you mix Drano in your urine you will notice the change in color and if it changes into green then you will have a boy child.?

Myth: It is said that during pregnancy if you have a craving for sweets then you may have a baby child whereas if you have craving for sour food then you will have a boy.?

Myth: If you are pregnant with girl child then your face will be fuller, round and rosy.

Fact: The shape of face has nothing to do with your baby’s sex. The rosiness on your face may be due to inner happiness and your face may seem fuller due to weight gained during pregnancy.

Myth: If your baby is active then you will have a boy baby.?

Myth: If you have morning sickness then you will have a girl. This theory is to extend supported by researchers.

Fact: Women having morning sickness suffers hyperemesis gravidarum, because of this she is most likely to give birth to a .If is carrying girl baby then she may have morning sickness due to increase in level.

Myth: It is said that if women is less attractive then she will give birth to a girl and some of them say they will give birth to a boy.

Fact: This myth is lost in itself but it is mostly believed that if it’s a girl child then it will take away the beauty of mother whereas if the gets tired then she is more likely to give birth to a baby.

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