Misoprostol is the quick remedy for early pregnancy termination!

According to WHO, so many women die from the difficulties of insecure abortions every year.  You can abort safely at home. There are so many reasons to terminate your unwished pregnancy. If you are raped victim, sometimes contraceptive process may fail to work, you just don’t want a baby now, your financial situation is limited and if you want to space in the age between your kids. You have every right to abort an unwished pregnancy if you decide. Thus buy abortion pill online and get free from your unwished burden.

Misoprostol is the generic name of the brand name Cytotec. This medicine is the safest way to terminate your early pregnancy at home without taking anyone’s help. You can buy Cytotec online or nearby your local medicine shop. This medication comes with a leaflet. You have to read it carefully and follow all instructions given inside. This medication is also used in combination with another drug like Mifepristone to end the early pregnancy. It is used in termination of 8 weeks of pregnancy. You need 12 tablets of Misoprostol (200 mcg each). Take 4 tablets first by orally or vaginally. Then take 8 tablets after the 3 hours of a gap in a day.  You may experience the bleeding and cramps within four hours after using this termination pill. Bleeding is the first sign of the procedure of abortion. Your bleeding will not like normal menstrual periods, it will be very heavy and with the clots and severe pain. These are the intended effects of using the Cytotec pill. If your abortion process is complete, then you’re bleeding and the cramps will occur. After 14 days you can go to your physician to check the complete pregnancy termination procedure. Bleeding becomes light for one to three weeks after pregnancy termination.

The common side-effects of Cytotec are the chills, pelvic pain, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. If your bleeding lasts for 2-3 hours and soaks more than 2-3 maxi sanitary pads per hour and if you feel light-headed then these symptoms can be a sign of too much blood loss and it is dangerous to your health. Immediately contact your doctor for medical help.  Keep the hot water bottle for abdomen pain relief. The Ibuprofen is the most advised painkiller tablet on cramps.

Before the pregnancy termination process, remove your IUD from your body. If you have any allergy to the ingredient of Misoprostol, stop using it. Do not have any intercourse with your spouse after abortion for some days. Use the contraceptive for the avoidance of early pregnancy. Do not use the Cytotec if you have the ectopic pregnancy.

Take the proper care of yourself after home abortion. It is safe and private procedure but taking good care after having an abortion is the most important thing. Avoid heavy exercise as well as bending work because it is so painful for you. Eat the healthy diet including lots of irons. The healthy diet will help you to revive blood loss. It helps you to soothe your wounds and get well soon.

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