How to prepare for medical abortion

Millions of women undergo abortion or termination. This is a process where you end your pregnancy. Having an abortion by using medical way helps you to have a safe abortion in your home corners. Most of the women buy abortion pills online to have a safe termination and to recover fast from the issues of abortion. The reason of abortion varies from person to person. Termination is a two-day process wherein first mifepristone pill is used and by maintaining the gap of 24hours misoprostol 4 pills are been taken. Medical way of abortion is used because it does not make women have an infection and also helps to recovery quickly.

Following are the tips you should follow to prepare the medical abortion:

Having complete information about abortion pills:

Women who buy MTP Kit do not have complete information about them sometimes. It is very necessary that you should have a proper the medications you use. Though medical abortion is an easy process still you need to follow the procedure properly to get appropriate results.

Do not indulge in work:

Abortion process though is easy process still women face heavy bleeding and cramping. If you are then make sure to take leave and work from home. Abortion pills to nausea and vomiting which are been treated under experts hence to seek a medical help you cannot run from office all the time. It is necessary to have a rest and not to indulge in physical work because it leads to heavy bleeding.

Make available yourself with a stock of maxi pads:

It is normal that you may face heavy bleeding and cramping during this time. So make sure that you have a stock of maxi pads. You may require them as you may bleed for 2-3weeks after using MTP Kit. Do not use tampons.

Be hydrated:

After using MTP Kit it may happen that your body may get dehydrated after losing lots of blood. These pills also result diarrhea after two weeks of using this medication hence make sure that you consume plenty of fluids so that you do not get dehydrated.

Have a partner with you:

Using abortion pills will make you lose blood due to which you may feel dizzy and drowsy. Make sure that you have someone with you, a partner, friend or spouse so that in case of emergency he/she can help you to seek a medical help.

Counter side effects:

Using MTP Kit as makes you bleed, cramp, vomit and have nausea and diarrhea you can ask your doctor to prescribe you with the medicines which you counter the side effects of these abortion pills.

Other tips:

  • Women with ectopic pregnancy are not supposed to use MTP kit.
  • After 2 weeks of using abortion pills make sure to visit a gynecologist to conclude your pregnancy.
  • If the age of women exceeds 35 she is not supposed to use abortion pills as it may create complications.

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