How to know if you are pregnant or not?

For every woman pregnancy symptoms are not same it differs from woman to woman.  During pregnancy some of the women notice mild effects; some notice severe effects and some do not have any of the signs of pregnancy. But some of the changes in your body help to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Following are the symptoms of the pregnancy:

Changes in the breast:

If women conceiving then she may notice in her breast. breast may become tender and you may even feel them slightly fuller than normal which is similar to the symptom that appears before periods. If you notice that your areola becomes slightly darker than normal then this the symptoms of pregnancy. Noticing your body properly can help you understand the symptoms of pregnancy.


If a woman is she can observe that her smelling sense has . You can notice a of nausea if you are conceiving. If you had an unprotected sex and notice these symptoms then this is a sign of pregnancy.

Spotting between pregnancy:

Implantation bleeding may be the reason due to which spotting between pregnancies occurs. This symptom is been noticed among 23% of women during the pregnancy. usually occurs due to fertilized eggs getting implanted in uterus lining by itself due to which bleeding or spotting is been noticed.

Abdominal cramps:

Sometimes without if you have abdominal cramping then you may be conceiving. Sometimes it may happen that implantation may cramping but not . Hence experiencing cramping is way which tells you the implantation of fertilized eggs that has taken place in the .


If women experiencing tiredness without any reason then there are possibilities of pregnancy. The reason behind tiredness is when women her levels of progesterone increases due to which there in the blood also. This leads to in blood sugar level and blood pressure. This is the reason why the women tired and all the time.

Frequent urination:

During pregnancy woman produces more fluids as compared to normal due to which there is of pressure created on the bladder when she is . If such circumstances occur wherein women frequent urination then this of pregnancy. So if any woman who goes to washroom frequently then should consider it as a symptom of pregnancy.

Food carving:

One of the early sign of pregnancy is carving or aversion of food. During undergoes many of the eating habits. If a woman develops a craving for food or aversion towards any food then this is the symptom of pregnancy. Such symptoms do continue sometimes throughout the pregnancy period.

Backaches and headaches:

                    A headache during pregnancy occurs due to many of the hormonal changes whereas if you notice backaches then it is due to growing uterus which puts the pressure on women’s back and she experiences back pain. If you notice back pain and headache without any reason then this is the symptom of pregnancy.

These symptoms can help women to know whether she is pregnant or not but still it is necessary to consult a doctor.

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