How safe are the uses of abortion pill

There is a common myth prevailing in the society that abortion pills can harm future pregnancies leading to infertility or ovary and breast cancer. Some also believe that it blocks the normal methods of pregnancy leading to a deformed child in future, serious birth defects, low birth weight or infant death. All these problems if occur are not because of using abortion pills but because it can normally occur to any women because of her own body defects.

Contradictory to it like all medications are suited for all similarly there are women who are hypersensitive to the ingredients i.e. Mifepristone and Misoprostol and can develop allergies after consuming it. Only in rare cases, it is seen that complications occur after using abortion pills for abortion.

The case may be when the abortion pill does not work and the pregnancy remains partially continued. In such cases, some parts of the uterus tissues remain to continue the pregnancy. Here it is advised to undergo a surgical extraction process to end the pregnancy completely. If it is not ended then it will lead to the birth of an invalid child. 

Cases of heavy bleeding have been reported and severe abdominal pain. Heavy fever or diarrhea for a prolonged period is found in rare cases.  All these complicated symptoms can be treated with further medication without any cause to worry. And if it still persists then it should be immediately informed to the doctor.

There are common side effects that are to be suffered because of taking abortion pills i.e. vaginal bleeding, cramps, and pain in the abdominal area. Even blood clots can also be seen which is common as the uterine tissue and the embryo pass in the form of blood. If these symptoms don’t occur then it results in failure of abortion. 

If any other rare and serious complications occur then it should be immediately taken care of by visiting the doctor. Though visiting the doctor doesn’t make the issue critical but it is a way to cure the complications and for treating these complications serious diagnosis is not required and it is cured within a week.

It necessary to stick to the guidelines strictly so that no major complications arise due to callousness.

Any kind of strenuous activity should be avoided. Especially works involving bending should be seriously avoided. A strict diet that contains the necessary nutrients should be strictly followed so that the loss caused due to abortion should be filled up fast.

You will start feeling better after one week of the abortion process. This is the time when the body starts to restore its necessary nutrients and prepares the body for next pregnancy. But again a strict restriction that the women undergoing an abortion should not involve into intercourse as this can heavily damage proper restoration of the body and can also lead to immediate pregnancy. This pregnancy can be harmful to both the mother and the child.

If proper restrictions and proper precautions are taken then abortion pills are the safest form of ending an unwanted pregnancy.

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