Hindrances faced while undergoing an abortion

Termination or abortion is an end to the pregnancy. These decisions are to be taken with utmost care. Behind termination, there can be many of the reasons like health issues or economic issues. Having an abortion makes women have mixed feelings. After and before abortion women face stress, anger, anxiety, and depression. Even today most of the abortion decisions are taken by in-laws and husband. The access to abortion pills online has become very easy as they are available easily at the online store.

Wrong use of abortion pill:

                Most of the time the reason for the termination of pregnancy is the baby girl. Parents abort if the women are pregnant with a girl baby. Baby’s gender detection can be done only after 19-22 weeks of gestation but still, people buy abortion pills to terminate their pregnancy. The misuse of these pills can affect the women and the fetus in a wrong way. Women should take a stand so that no one can put her life at risk. Using these pills after 10weeks of gestation can create health complications for women.

Family expectation:

                        Women always need to compromise as per the families expectation. Some of the women do not prefer to become a mother at very early age but still due to the pressure from elders and having no choice they have to become a mother. Women’s wish not to become a mother maybe because of her career or because of her health. Whatever may be the reason women have to take their own decision and forcing women’s reproductive right is not acceptable. Many of the women’s terminate their pregnancy with the help of abortion pills but some of them use wrong ways like purposely injuring themselves or Intaking bleach which can make miscarriages happen but will also risk their life. Most of the time this wrong thing can create health complications.


                     Some of the women feel anxious while making a decision for termination. It is very important that you talk to someone whom you trust regarding your termination. You can also seek a counseling which will guide you properly regarding your abortion. If you are anxious about accessing the drugs for abortion you can buy abortion pills online as it is the safest way because you can get all the required information which you want. Even if women’s pregnancy exceeds 10week she can undergo a surgical abortion.

Having a supportive partner:

                       Women have anxiety before and after having an abortion. It is one of the face of life wherein she finds herself helpless. Most of the time due to decisions been taken by husbands and in-laws, women have more anxiety. Anxiety in women can be tackled if she has a right partner who can support her tackling this emotion.

Due to the government it has become easy for women to access the abortion pills with ease. This pill helps women to terminate their pregnancy in home corners. These pills are been approved by FDA which proves that these pills are safe and can be used without problem. 

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