Coping Up with Work-life after Termination

Termination can be done medically and surgically. Both these methods are safe but women choose to buy abortion pill to terminate their pregnancy. Using abortion pills help to have safe termination as compared to surgical. It is difficult for women to resume the professional life after having an abortion.

Physical health

            After using abortion pills your body gets weak and ill mentally as well as physically. It is very important that you can improve your health after losing so much of blood. After termination, your schedule of work gets affected. Termination process leads to cramping and bleeding, hence if you resume work after two days of abortion it can lead to unprofessionalism because you need to keep on seeking help from your supervisor. You are recommended to take a complete rest for 2 weeks after an abortion so that you can get healed completely and can resume the work with ease. You should consume a proper diet and plenty of fluids so that your body can make up for lost blood. Along with diet, you should also make sure that you do not indulge yourself in any sort of physical labor.

Emotional health

           After termination with abortion pills, women need to seek someone from whom she can share her emotions. Sharing emotions with loved ones or getting counseling can help you to overcome the mixed feeling of guilt, sadness, anger. Resuming work soon after abortion can also make you feel irritated at the workplace, you can practice some mind relaxing exercise to keep yourself calm. You can even consult a physician if you come up with overwhelming feelings.

Affects interaction

              Having a proper interaction with your client is very important when you are at the workplace. Having a mixed feeling and working will affect the way you are communicating. Post-abortion is a stage wherein your mind is not completely present for work hence you should carry out exercise or yoga so that you can relieve the stress and can work with concentration.

Stay away from gossips

             Avoid or have less interaction with your co-workers so that they do not get a chance to interrogate with you. Your pregnancy news would have been leaked in your office between your co-workers so they may try to communicate with you to know the reason behind it, hence do avoid communication and stay professional at your work. Again and again hearing the gossip can affect you mentally sick hence avoid the talks with co-workers and do spend time with your loved ones to come up your emotions.

Less engaging in other activities

                 As termination with abortion pills makes you ill and tired your wish to involve in other activities diminishes. Your wish to involve diminishes because of your mental and physical health. So to come up with mental health you need to practice exercise, read books, spend time with loved ones and to deal with physical health you need to take a proper diet and intake plenty of fluids to stay hydrated.  Involving into unwanted activities is okay but do not try to avoid activities like meeting with clients because it may affect your work life.

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