Tips to improve health after abortion

Medical abortion or termination is an end to the pregnancy wherein fetus or embryo cannot survive. Termination can be done by using MTP kit, by using abortion pill at an earlier stage or by undergoing a surgery after 7weeks. After having a medical abortion it is necessary to maintain a good health so that you can come up with that crisis. After using MTP kit or abortion pill it may happen that you may gain or lose your weight. It is very normal to gain the weight after termination process. After the abortion, it is necessary to lose a belly fat so that you can maintain a good health. Losing a belly fat is a very long process but it is a very effective way to improve your health. If you are taking abortion pill or using the MTP kit you should follow the instructions as prescribed.

  1. You are not alone: Some women while the termination process thinks that they are the only ones who are undergoing it. Most of the women take an abortion pill to end a pregnancy. Pregnancy is been terminated only because there is a reason. Hence you should not think that you are the one who is doing this or it is wrong.
  2. Termination differs from people to people: Different people take termination in a different way. Some of them may have a mix emotion like sad, guilt, irritation whereas some may find it easier. So there is not much to worry about it. You just have to rest for a week so that you can maintain a good health.
  3. Tackling with emotions: Many of the women come up with different emotions so it is important that you can share it with someone whom you trust the most or who is a good listener. If you are overwhelming your emotions you can even consult a doctor. You can watch movies or spend your time doing some activity like reading books, arts and much more which can distract your mind and lighten up your mood. It’s not just that you involve yourself in an activity you should also give time to yourself so that you can heal your emotions properly.
  4. Good diet: At this time after termination you should stop consuming more of calories. You should avoid the Junk food and also reduce the consumption of beverages. To live a healthy life you should stop consuming sugar or should find a substitute for sugar. You should not skip your meal because it may not reduce the calories in your body but may affect your health. You should replace fried to baked food because it may increase the fats in your body and you may gain even more belly. You should consume more of nutrients, calcium-rich food so that a proper balance is maintained with calories.
  5. No liquor: Consuming liquor or beverages may give you side effects after using abortion pill as well it may increase the fats in your body. You can replace beverages with juices so that you can maintain a good health.
  6. Regular exercise: Exercising regularly doesn’t mean that you have to lift a weight. For a week after abortion, you should only include exercise like brisk walking. Most of the doctors suggest taking two-week rest after abortion.

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