Increasing trends of termination with the help of abortion pills

It is noticed that in last few decades, the number of terminations has drastically increased in women. It has become common to terminate a pregnancy by taking abortion pills. It is easier to buy abortion pills online rather than having a surgical operation to terminate the pregnancy. The process of abortion with the help of abortion pills is known as Early Medical Abortion (EMA).

But generally, this method of terminating a pregnancy is possible only in the first trimester. Termination of early pregnancy by abortions pills is effective only when done within seven or ten weeks of pregnancy. Medicines to abort a pregnancy are most effective and safe abortion method. The procedure of an abortion by medical pill also has highest efficiency rate than another type of termination methods.

However, world health organization has listed these medical pills as essential medications for women health. But still these medications are not available everywhere and it is difficult to find. Therefore, many women attempt to buy abortion pills kit online which delivers these drugs worldwide.

The drugs to terminate a pregnancy are Mifepristone, Misoprostol and MTP KIT which are available at affordable prices. These are mostly known and used termination pills available across the world. Therefore, most developed, as well as developing countries, have allowed to make these drugs for aborting an early pregnancy. But still, women of these countries who needed this medication in an emergency are not able to access these drugs easily. Therefore, women of these countries prefer to buy abortion pill USA online.

Even there are some countries that restrict the use of these drugs for aborting an early pregnancy. Also, it is illegal to buy and sell these drugs. This method of terminating pregnancy helps to maintain privacy and confidentiality in abortion as it can be conducted at home easily in presence of close one. This is the reason most women order abortion pill online.

How does this abortion pill work?

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are best-used medicine to end an early pregnancy. These two medicines also come in a combination called as MTP KIT. Mifepristone medicine blocks women hormone called progesterone to terminate the pregnancy. Later, Mifepristone is followed by Misoprostol medicine. It is usually taken after 1-2 day after Mifepristone medicine. This medicine may cause heavy bleeding and cramping. It helps to clean complete uterus by removing remaining tissues and blood.

How effective are these pills?

As we have mentioned earlier that these pills are safe and very effective for aborting an early pregnancy. It is 98%-99% effective for women who are seven or lesser weeks pregnant. In case women who are pregnant for the 8-9 weeks it is 96% -98% effective and women pregnant for 9-10 week it is 93% effective.

When can one take these drugs?

It is advised to take this medicine up to 10 weeks after the first day of women last period. If it exceeds more than 70 days (10 weeks) or more week then one should consult a doctor and can have a surgical abortion to end a pregnancy.

Why most women choose these drugs?

The method to terminate pregnancy completely depends upon women’s preference and situation. Most women choose for medical abortion option as we mention earlier only that it maintains privacy and confidentiality. It is also comfortable and easy for women to buy abortion pills kit online as it can be done at home or place of her choice with the support of close one. Also, if one wants a medical abortion they need not have to go through the lengthy procedure of hospital.    

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