Do’s of post-abortion

Abortion is common now a day. Termination of pregnancy can be done using two ways- buying abortion pill online and surgical abortion. Women buy abortion pills to terminate the pregnancy of 6-10weeks.After 10 weeks the only option for termination is surgical abortion. It is very important to take a proper care of yourself after abortion.

  1. DIET:

       During the abortion, you lose lots of blood. Minerals, proteins, calcium, and vitamins are lost during termination. Hence it is very important that you intake good diet. Your diet should include all the fruits and vegetables which helps you to make up for the lost blood. During this post-abortion period, you should avoid the intake of dairy products. Alcohol or tobacco should not be used after termination as it may increase the risk of heavy bleeding. You should also avoid going to the workplace because it may happen that the news of your termination would have leaked and people may gossip about it which may make you have a feeling of sadness and guilt.

      2. EMOTIONS:

             Feeling of sadness, relief and depression are common after abortion. You can discuss all the emotions with your loved one so that you can come up with it. Some of the women due to very firm decisions and control on emotions do not have any type of depression but those who feel can consult a health provider so that they can give you counseling. You can also do meditation to make your brain calm and which helps you to overcome emotions.

      3. EXERCISE :

                  Exercise or any type of physical labor should not be included immediately after termination. You should also avoid resuming your schedule for work out or exercise for at least 2 weeks so that your womb get strong enough and gets healed completely. You should also avoid lifting your pets or babies because it may create pressure on your stomach and you may notice heavy bleeding.

     4. INTIMACY:

                You should avoid having intercourse for 2 weeks after having an abortion because it may cause you infection as well as you can also get pregnant again. Using contraceptives to prevent pregnancy is not a solution at this time because this may cause you vaginal infection as well as you cannot get healed quickly from the pain of abortion. After using abortion pills, you should use pads and not tampons because tampons may create an infection.


                      As your body was preparing for pregnancy from few weeks your breast may enlarge to produce milk for breastfeeding. It would get back to normal but it takes time and your breast may leak so you should not squeeze it and should wear a supportive bra to tackle the discomfort. You are also advised that you should not breastfeed for 48hour after abortion because your breast milk may contain some medication which you took for abortion and will affect the baby.


                              During post-abortion it is necessary that you visit your physician after 2 weeks of consuming abortion pill so that you can confirm that your pregnancy terminated successfully. As consuming abortion pills make you feel pain and cramp so you can take ibuprofen to tackle this problem.

The post-abortion period is stage wherein you and your body needs to rest. So do take a proper diet and follow all things prescribed by doctors to recover as soon as possible.

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