MTP kit - best medication for ones who don^t wish pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the worst phases in woman life if it is unexpected or unplanned. Pregnancy may make you nervous as it is completely unexpected to you. Some time few women may get stressed out because of this unwanted pregnancy. It not only going to affect your body but it will also affect your lifestyle too. Vaginal intercourse without any protection will result in pregnancy.  There are various contraception methods available which includes the condoms, contraceptive pills, intrauterine device etc to avoid pregnancy. But a woman fails to have any of the above mentioned then she may suffer or may result in unwanted pregnancy.  Researches say that about thirty eight percent of pregnancies in the world are unintended.  Pregnancy will change your feelings and emotions toward the pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy is also continued if the woman is willing to continue. If the women is willing to be pregnant but she may need to terminate the pregnancy as her partner is not ready for the baby. At that time unwanted pregnancy may affect your relationship as well. This unwanted pregnancy can ruin the relationship at extreme level. Sometime a woman has to terminate the pregnancy because of her partner.

The unwanted pregnancy is also the result from lack of the knowledge about sec and reproduction too.  Laziness or inability of taking contraceptives will also leads to unintended or unwanted pregnancy. Maternal morbidity is the reason for terminating the pregnancy. Lack of sex education will also leads to the unwanted pregnancy which may affect you badly.


The MTPkit is very useful to terminate pregnancy at your house itself. The MTPkit is ninety-five percent effective to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. MTPkit consist of two medications namely mifepristone and misoprostol. These two medications are combined to terminate the pregnancy more efficiently. Mifepristone pill is taken first. This pill is taken orally. It is also known as RU-486, and is able to terminate the pregnancy alone. It is effective only if it is taken within first fifty days of pregnancy. It works by blocking the effects of progesterone. This medication causes contractions in uterus. After taking this pill the woman may experience abdominal pain, uterine cramping and heavy bleeding etc.

Other medication is misoprostol pill is taken after or within twenty-four hours after having the first medication i.e. mifepristone. This medication can be taken orally or can be placed in the vagina. Other than abortion this pill is also useful in treating the stomach ulcer as well. It is an alternative for surgical abortion.

So instead of continuing the unwanted pregnancy you can terminate the unwanted pregnancy with the help of MTP kit. This Medication is available online as well, so that you will not feel awkward. Hence, buying MTP kit online is better option than buying it from the pharmacist. You will get your personal space and you will get more than enough knowledge. 

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