Is Morning-after pills and abortion pills are same?

There begin a lot of confusion among the public about morning-after pills and abortion pills for long period. This confusion develops due to lack of proper information provided. Women need to get a consult from any nearby doctor to clear the confusion. There is a situation where women want to prevent pregnancy or abortion during pregnancy. It is important to clear the confusion about the Morning-after pills and abortion pills.

What are Morning-after pills?

Morning-after pills are pills that contain medicine that helps to prevent pregnancy. The medication contains in morning-after pills lower the risk of getting pregnant. It works effectively only if used within 72 or 120hrs of unprotected sex. It is also called as emergency contraception.

What are abortion pills?

This are the pills used for the abortion of early pregnancy in women. It works effectively used before 50 days or seven weeks of pregnancy. There are many abortion pill kit and abortion pills availabilities. Women can also buy abortion kit online or abortion pills online. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are most used medication for aborting the pregnancy. MTP KIT is also used as abortion pills for early pregnancy.


It is used to end an early pregnancy in women. It is effective when used before seven weeks or 50 days of early pregnancy period. MIT KIT contains mifepristone that gives the result of 90%-99% followed by misoprostol in aborting the pregnancy.

Mifepristone (Mifeprex)

It is also a medicine for the abortion of pregnancy. It is also known as RU-486.It works when used before 50 days or seven weeks of pregnancy. It also gives effective results of 95% when used singly. And it is also called as Mifeprex. There are some countries where the use of this medication is not allowed. Therefore, most women prefer to buy mifepristone online.

Misoprostol (Cytotec)

It is also one of medication used as termination pregnancy pill. Its generic name is Cytotec. It is best used at early pregnancy abortion period of 12 weeks. It is effective about 90% of its use. Women can buy Misoprostol Cytotec online at a cheap rate.

In order to prevent pregnancy, women can use emergency contraception pills. Progestin mean emergency pills or morning-after pills help in preventing fertilization. It comes in contact with hormones that naturally start the process of ovulation.

Abortion kit helps in ending the early pregnancy termination. Abortion Medication comes in contact with the hormones that lead to pregnancy in women. This medication helps in blocking the hormones that naturally maintain a pregnancy in women.

However, it is researched that morning-after pills are very effective in use. As it uses reduces the risk of pregnancy in women. As soon as women consume the emergency pills, it gives the most effective result. At the same time, it also researched that morning-after pills are a safer way to prevent pregnancy.

According to the millions of women research, it also proofed that these termination pills are more effective and affordable. Most women choose Mifepristone to end early pregnancy termination. All abortion pills are most safer and healthy way for aborting the pregnancy.

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