Early abortion of pregnancy-what to do?

Abortion means aborting a pregnancy in women .Unprotected sex leads to the step of termination. There are two common methods of a terminated pregnancy. Women who don’t desire to continue the unwanted pregnancy can choose any method. Methods of termination of pregnancy are:

(1)          Surgical method

(2)          Medical pills

Both methods of termination of pregnancy in women are safe. One must consult with their doctor, for which method to choose. The doctor will suggest with better option depending upon patient medical condition.

(1)          Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion is a method to end a pregnancy in women within 12 weeks. In this method, by removing fetus before it continues to live outside the uterus. Surgical termination before nine months may get fail.

(2)          Medical pills

It is a method of termination of pregnancy by making use of medication. It is also known as medical pills.MTP KIT, mifepristone, Misoprostol are all medication used for aborting the pregnancy.

There are mostly women, who don’t want to continue their unwanted pregnancy. In case, of early termination of pregnancy women think what to do?  And which method should use for aborting the pregnancy?

There is a case where one woman got pregnant after her unprotected sex. Even she consumed birth control pills. But due to some reason, the emergency pill got failed. After a month when that woman missed her regular period, she becomes worried. That woman was not ready for pregnancy. Then, she decided to have a pregnancy test. She brought a pregnancy kit and had a test.

The result shown was positive. To get sure with the test that woman also visited her nearby gynaecologist. The gynaecologist examined her properly and took every test required. The gynaecologist also told the same that her pregnancy is positive. She also told that she used birth control pills still why it happened so?  The gynaecologist told there may many reasons behind its failure.

Thereafter, that woman asks for termination of pregnancy as she told was not ready. The gynaecologist suggested both the method of termination such as surgical and medical abortion. A gynaecologist has provided information on both the method of termination.

After getting information about both methods of termination, women also searched for more information online. There she comes across with almost all similar detail information given by the doctor. There she comes to know about the differences, uses and side effects of both the method of termination. Also, she comes to know that one can buy abortion pill online.

The women decided to have a medical abortion. For best of its knowledge, the women again visited a gynaecologist. After woman visiting, the doctor asks women why she wants to have a medical termination. For this, the woman told the reason why she chooses this option for termination. That woman said she don’t want surgical abortion as it is her first abortion. She doesn’t want any circumstances to occur in future pregnancy due to surgical termination. And even she said that she is not comfortable with abortion in hospitable. That woman wanted her abortion to be confidential. Therefore, she wants to have a medical abortion.

Therefore, the doctor explained the entire test that needs to take before having a medical abortion. Hence, the doctor begins to examine her physical condition. Such as:

•             Her age, whether she is above 35 age

•             She has any kind of other diseases such as heart problem, kidney or other major diseases.

•             Any allergic to the content present in a medical kit for termination.

That woman had no above issues. So, doctor further informed that woman about her test were positive and she eligible for medical abortion. Further, doctor recommended MTP kit and explained its proper dosages to her. That woman followed as per the doctor told her and even suffered some side effect of medications. After seven days, that woman visited a doctor for the result of medication. The doctor examined that women and result were positive. Hence, that woman got a positive termination of pregnancy result from medical termination kit.

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