Unwantedly pregnant? have MTP kit to get rid of it

The woman's who have unprotected intercourse either suffer from sexually transmitted diseases or may get unwantedly pregnant. Both of these issues are severe compared to other diseases. You may get confused whether you are pregnant or not after having an unprotected intercourse. But you can get to know whether you are pregnant or not till you missed your menstrual cycle. The woman who gets pregnant unwantedly may look for the solution to terminate the pregnancy. The solution for the unwanted pregnancy will depend on woman's week of pregnancy.

Yes, your count of the week of pregnancy plays a vital role in the successful termination of unwanted pregnancy. A few years ago the surgical abortion was the only option for termination. But in this new era of medications, different medications are available in the market for termination of unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. The couple has an intercourse for the pleasure purpose but the same intercourse without any protection will give you pleasure but will also land you in a severe problem like an unwanted pregnancy.

To avoid the unwanted pregnancy the couple needs to take certain precautions while having an intercourse. The precautions that are to be taken should be mostly taken by men's end as those precautions are preferable and better than rest of the precautions. The best precautions the couple prefer is the condoms. But it might happen in hurry you may forget to use a condom then also it is ok, as you can have contraceptive pills to avoid unwanted pregnancy. And even you forget to have that too then the only option remains is abortion.

 Now you have to decide whether you want to have a surgical abortion or medical abortion. But most of the woman's prefer medical abortion compared to surgical abortion. In this era of medication, the people are more comfortable in having medication rather than undergoing any surgery. For medical abortion, the proper knowledge of the medication is must so that it will let you terminate the pregnancy successfully. In a medical abortion, the woman can have MTP kit which will terminate 9-week pregnancy successfully. The MTP kit is widely used and popular abortion kit which will terminate an unwanted pregnancy effectively. In this era of technology, the woman does not have to visit the druggist for buying abortion kit. As the woman can buy MTP kit online. The online availability of the MTP kit will let you know the instructions to be followed while having abortion pills. The MTP kit contains two medication mifepristone and misoprostol. These two medications play a vital role in the successful termination of unwanted pregnancy.

The first medication needed to be taken is mifepristone. It is also well known by the name Mifeprex. This medication is generally taken orally and is anti-progesterone. The second medication is misoprostol. It is also well known by the name Cytotec. This medication can either be taken orally or can be placed in the vagina. This medication will expel the developed fetus out the woman's body. The combination of these two medications will definitely terminate the unwanted 9week pregnancy effectively.

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