MTP kit to terminate the unwanted pregnancy

Pregnancy is the best aspect in woman's life. But if the pregnancy is unwanted or unexpected then it might shock the woman. The unwanted pregnancy is very shocking and unpredictable as well. The unprotected sex results into unwanted pregnancy. Other than unwanted pregnancy the unprotected intercourse may also causes many other problems like HIV, STD etc. But the major issue is of unwanted pregnancy. Unwanted pregnancy is the worst part in woman's life. To terminate the unwanted pregnancy is another problem the woman may suffer from. 

In early days, to terminate the pregnancy the only option was to abort the fetus with the help of small surgery. But nowadays new option to terminate the medical pregnancy is by having medication. Yes, you can terminate the pregnancy of few weeks just by having some medication. Termination of pregnancy using medications is also called as medical termination. And one of the popular abortion pill used to terminate the pregnancy is MTP kit. MTP kit is widely used to terminate the 9 week mature pregnancy. Different drugs were developed to terminate the pregnancy but the effective and widely used medication is MTP kit.

The MTP kit comprises of two medications namely called as mifepristone and misoprostol. The two medications work differently but at last helps to terminate the pregnancy effectively. These two medications are taken alone as well to terminate the early pregnancy in 7th and 8th week. The first pill is taken orally called as mifepristone. This medication blocks the fetus developing hormones within the woman's body. As these hormones are blocked, it will stop the development of fetus in the women's womb. After the development is blocked completely then the fetus needed to be detached and expelled from the uterus. To detach and expel the fetus from the woman's body another medication is taken namely called as misoprostol. Misoprostol will take off  the detached fetus from the uterus. The misoprostol is taken later after having mifepristone. Misoprostol should be taken within 24 hours after having the first medication pill of mifepristone. The misoprostol can be either taken orally that is placed under tongue or can be placed into vagina. Once you have first pill of mifepristone you may start bleeding or you may also have cramps within few hours. And after having misoprostol which is second medication the woman may start to bleed heavily and may also have heavy cramping as well. Along with bleeding she will also have clotting where the fetus is expelled out of your body in form of clots.

You can terminate pregnancy at home by buying MTP kit online. Once you buy MTP kit online, you will get all related information in the kit along with abortion pills. The woman should buy MTP kit online and terminate her pregnancy as her convenience. If she doesn’t feel anything even after having both medications then she should immediately consider the doctor. Or you can do one thing Purchase MTP kit online and take help of your doctor to terminate the pregnancy.

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