Stress as a cause for erectile dysfunction and role of Penegra

Stress is the sensation that we have when we are under pressure. Anything that poses a task or a risk to our well-being is a stress. In humans, stress typically defines a negative condition or a positive condition that can affect on a person's mental and physical well-being. Stress can affect your sexual life in numerous ways such as-Stress that affects our fertility and our menstrual cycle. When we are stressed, our hormones altitudes take a dive, Stress that makes us question our relationships and our companions, Stress that earns a toll on our libido and etc. The hormones produced in association with stress can affect our metabolism.

Stress and erectile dysfunction are closely connected to each other. Stress can cause erectile dysfunction, which is also known as impotence that occurs when a man is not able to maintain an erection. This frequently prevents the man from having full sexual function. Many body systems are involved in the male sexual arousal like-the brain, blood vessels, muscles, hormones, nervous system, and feelings are all key to appropriate function. Several health and psychological situations can contribute to erectile dysfunction. These causes contain depression or stress. Both of these situations increase a man’s threat for erectile dysfunction. It’s important to realize that stress is the body’s reaction to life’s problems. Worries of facing erectile dysfunction may make you cautious to involve in sexual activity, or they may depress you from being intimate. You might also be tentative to open up about your erectile dysfunction problems with your companion, which can cause further stress.

Treatment can provide you relief and end this cycle for which you can use Penegra pills which is used to treat erectile dysfunction that occurs through stress. It’s an active component. Penegra 100mg buy online for the treatment of people struggling to uphold an effective erection for sexual activity. Penegra pills 100mg online without prescription is a very popular, effective and widely accepted drug that ensures a harder, longer lasting erection. Penegra Medicines contains an active ingredient known as sildenafil citrate which works by endorsing the flow of blood to the penis, ensuing in stronger erections and improved sexual act. This medication should be taken within one hour of strategic sexual intercourse and becomes active within 30 minutes. The helpful effects last for around 4 to 6 hours.

SIDE EFFECTS                                                                                                               

The most common side effects caused by Penegra are sensitive reactions such as swelling of the face, hives, lips and tongue, problems in breathing and closing of the throat, chest aching and irregular heartbeats, shortness of breath, faintness and sickness are among the likely side effects of this medication. There are also some effects such as swelling of legs and ankles, angina incidents as well as protracted and painful erections, long lasting than 4 hours. Any of these uninvited responses can become a severe risk for one’s health when ignored, so the intake of the medicines should be stopped and emergency medical care should be taken before any of the earlier stated effects occurs. The less severe side effects include nasal congestion and headaches, slight faintness and short-term blue tint in vision. Blurry vision, increase in light sensitivity, heartburn, itching and etc.


 The correct dosage of Penegra for erectile dysfunctions is 50 mg each day, taken as required by sooner one hour prior to sexual contact. On the basis of private tolerance and effectiveness, this dose might be decreased up to 25 mg each day or increased to an extreme of 100 mg each day. The Penegra capsule is quickly immersed and its maximum result appears up to 30 to 120 minutes after eating.


 Not more than one dose should be used every day. Its overdose may lead to serious issues.


The pills should be stored at room temperature for up to 15-30 degrees C. keep it away from the reach of children’s and pets.

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