These days a lot of women are said to be opting for abortion for various reasons. Some of these ladies think of a better future without their child, some assume their pregnancy as unwanted and so wish to simply abort it and some of these ladies simply do not want the child as they are not really ready for it. There are a number of reasons behind a lady opting for an abortion but what really matters is the procedure or the way that is been used for such an activity. In the earlier times according to the law abortion was strictly prohibited but these days it has become a trend and every next person tends to opt for it. It has also become legal so there is no such person to stop them from going for such an activity.

Abortions are also categorized into two respective categories which involve a spontaneous abortion and induced abortion. Spontaneous abortion is also termed as miscarriage as known by other people. This happens or occurs on its own and so the person cannot do anything out of it. This is hurtful for some people but they need to accept the fact somehow. This also happens when the lady is of ill health.

Another one is said to be an induced abortion. This type of abortion is where the person aborts the child on purpose. There are various reasons behind the lady aborting her child. Induced abortion occurs most of the time due to the carelessness of the man and the lady itself. The man has to make sure to use proper protection when making love and when that is not done then they have to face it which then leads them to aborting the child. Induced abortions are done on purpose. They are also termed as unwanted pregnancies.

There are various ways which can b used to abort the child. The people these days look out for those procedures which cost less but are useful and helpful for the person. It is said that if the child or the fetus in the womb of the lady is there for 8 weeks then it can be aborted through a medical abortion. If the pregnancy of the lady lasts for more than 8 to 9 weeks then it has to be aborted through a surgery. Surgeries are the only ways when a pregnancy with the time period of more than 9 weeks has to be aborted. Most of the time people do not opt for a surgery as it costs a lot and is more painful.

Abortion through medication is said to be the best. MTP Kit is one such product which helps in aborting the child well. This kit is sued by a vast number of people when they have to abort the child. MTP Kit involves two respective pills inside it and that is Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Mifepristone has the power of 200mg and the quantity is 1 pill. Whereas misoprostol holds the power of 200mcg and the quantity is 4 respective tablets. A lady has to opt for all these medicines in order to abort the child.

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