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With one tablet you can solve 2 kinds of sexual concern.  An element known as dapoxetine works to drop premature ejaculation and sildenafil citrate to thrash an impotence problem. Cheap Super p force without prescription involves dapoxetine (60mg) and sildenafil citrate (100mg), both jointly appeases the male bareness & eases the fruitfulness level in men resulting tranquil in men’s sexual health. Dapoxetine that come under the class of SSRU category & sildenafil citrate comes under the group of PDE5 inhibitor. It has been accounted one of the absolute & best anti-impotence & premature ejaculation treating medicine, which helps ease men’s reproductive function. It mounts the sexual amount in men & helps them to take pleasure of their sexual life. 

Dosage direction super p force 100mg

In a day you have to exercise 1 pill of cheap super P force online, do not move beyond than that; as, it drops the threat of negative impacts. Take the medicine 1 hour before of sexual contact as the pill take around 40 minutes to get absolutely mix in the blood and react accordingly. One can get complete pleasure of their sexual life for around 5 hours without any barriers. As per the recommendation one should not exercise this medicine daily, only should take during sexual motivation. Maintaining a break of 1 day is compulsory to be upholds. Cheap super p force with free shipping online makes the nerves of the penis wide & the muscles soothe in mode.


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