Unwanted pregnancy or unwished pregnancy can arrive at any time after you have unprotected sex with your partner. Most women and teens look for various procedures and methods to terminate their pregnancy and some of the common ways of abortion is through abortion pills or birth control pills. One more less often used way is surgical abortion which might be a costly affair and not many opt for it.

Abortion is a very important part because your future fertility depends on how your abortion takes place. You can follow the below mentioned steps to deal with unwanted or unwished pregnancy:

Step 1- Pregnancy Test

This is the first and most important step towards medical abortion. We have seen case in which the patient was not sure whether she was pregnant and started taking abortion pills which has caused tremendous side effects on their reproductive system. Take a proper pregnancy test or visit a doctor for diagnosing pregnancy. Most of the pregnancy test which can be taken at home may show false positives or false negatives which may hamper your health. There are certain symptoms you should watch for in order to confirm pregnancy and they are as follows:

  • You might have a menstrual period miss and which may be a sign that you are a pregnant.
  • Feelings of fatigue are often encountered.
  • Breast tenderness which could be mild or moderate.
  • Tremendous amount of mood swings.
  • Nausea

Step 2- Look for Answers Online

Internet is the best and appropriate place to do your research about various abortion remedies. You will come across various medications and medical procedures which promise safe and secure abortion. It will take some time for you to find out the exact medications because there are literally many online medical store which offer great help to older women and teens wanting to medically abort the pregnancy. Look for remedies and medication that best suit your medical needs as well as economic needs. Some of the suggested Abortion pills which can be easily found on our website are Abortion Kit, Mifegest, Mifeprex, Mifepristone, Misoprostol and Cytotec. These medicines have taken the medical industry by a storm as more and more number of people was seen purchasing them in order to carry out a safe and secure abortion.

Step 3- Start your Medication       

This is the most important part is now when you start your medications. Abortion pills have some really potent chemicals in them and have to be taken in the least amount of dose. Follow proper dosage direction and guidelines to use. There are certain things you have got to remember if you opt for abortion pills and are;

  • Women who have entered their second trimester are not eligible for abortion pills as they are no more effective after 12 weeks.
  • Women on any other medications should not combine abortion pills which will complicate the primary problem and cause anti-reactions in your body.
  • These medications should only be bought from reputed pharmaceutical companies in order to avoid any fraud products which may hamper your health.

Step 4 – Watch Out for Symptoms

After completing the course of your medication make sure you carefully observe the withdrawal symptoms that you will be going through. By watching carefully you will be able to confirm whether you have carried a successful abortion or not. Some of the symptoms that your may notice is:

  • Vaginal bleeding is likely to happen for some time, which is just the removal of the waste from the uterus.
  • Menstrual Cycle will start again.
  • Back ache at severe levels which can be controlled with painkillers. NOTE: Too much pain killers might affect your kidney and should be used in less dosage.
  • Headaches and Stomach Aches.
  • Mood Swings and vomiting.

Step 5- Make a Doctor Visit

Once you are done with the abortion process it is recommended that you visit a health expert in order to have an overall health checkup. Abortion pills may often leave some effects which may not be seen with your eyes by only a doctor can examine it. If you want to be safe with your sexual life and reproductive system, seeking help after medical abortion is the best option.

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