It has been a repeatedly asked question by most people since many centuries whether medical abortion is morally correct or not? It all depends on once moral values and the society that they live in but as far as science is concerned medical abortion are okay and women who wish to terminate pregnancy can take necessary steps towards medical abortion. There are some important points about medical abortion that you should be aware of before you proceed. In this blog we will mention you some of the medications that are best suited for abortion at home.

There are basically two types of abortion that women opt for. The first is surgical abortion which is quite popular but with introduction of various abortion procedures have dominated surgical abortions and nowadays people hardly opt for it. The various procedures that we are talking about are abortion pills and abortion kits that are widely available nowadays and are best ways to terminate pregnancy in its early stages. Here are some of the medications which are used in terminating pregnancy:

  1. Mifegest or Mifeprex: this is a famous FDA approved medication for medical abortion. The use of Mifegest or Mifepristone pills should be done within 49 days of pregnancy in order to terminate the fetus completely. This special kind of steroid which is lapsed with other combination of chemicals which kills the fetus completely from inside and stops the pregnancy. It completely blocks the deed of progesterone which is responsible in carrying the fetus to next pregnancy level.
  2. Cytotec: This is a famous abortion pill which consists of Misoprostol as a main drug ingredient which is vital in terminating pregnancy. The intake process could be either orally or vaginally. Cytotec is considered to be the best alternative for surgical abortion or any other abortion procedures. It is very easy to procure this drug and is manufactured by the leading pharmaceutical companies. There are no side effects to it but you need to take certain precautionary measures before you decide to use it and about which we will discuss as we proceed.
  3. Abortion Kit: The name itself implies that this abortion kit consists of set of medication which is to be taken at course of intervals. Abortion kit consists of two kinds of pills namely Mifepristone 200mg and Misoprostol 200 mg. Mifepristone is used to raise the fetus from the embryo and Misoprostol acts as a complete wiper and washes away the fetus thus resulting in safe medical abortion. Abortion kit is quite useful in executing pregnancy of 12th week and overall pregnancy can be stopped within 63 days.

The above three mentioned medication are FDA acclaimed and are produced by experts from leading pharmaceutical companies which deliver 100% risk-free products to their customers and believe in treating the problem and not in making business.

There are certain safety measure and precautions you need to take before opting for oral medication to terminate pregnancy. Below mentioned precaution and safety measures should be considered before using any of the above-mentioned medications.

  • This is most basic advice and preventive measure that you should follow. Avoid smoking tobacco or drinking or any kind of drugs while on the course of medication.
  • Avoid lifting heavy things or heavy work out.
  • Taking ample amount of rest will allow the drug to work on you much faster.
  • Have healthy food items and keep an appropriate food diet.
  • Eat plenty of fruits which have Vitamin and important nutrients.
  • Any food recipe which is too spicy or oily should be completely avoided.
  • If you are already breast feeding another child then you should not go for these medications.
  • Any other drug or medication combined with abortion pills can bring you side effects which may permanently damage your sex life.
  • In case of any allergic reactions or infections. Stop the course immediately and seek medical help regarding the condition.
  • People facing blood pressure and diabetes should totally avoid using these abortion pills.

I hope you have gotten your share of information about medical abortion and suitable medications available for it. There are many more medical aspects of abortion which can only be discussed with professionals and should do a detailed research of everything before taking any step. Many health professionals and experts have their blogs where you can place your queries about medical abortion and get the best suitable remedy.

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