Whether you are a male or female, sexual health is something you should be concerned about. It is not necessary that everyone has some or the other sexual problems but we have seen plenty of cases with various sexual health problems. We list you some of the common sexual problems encountered in people and the suitable medication to treat them.

Erectile Dysfunction

This is considered to be the most common sexual problem in males of any age group. This a condition in which the male is unable to hold his erection or lacks the sex drive to resurrect the penis while sexual intercourse. The reason behind this could be anything which can be diagnosed only after certain medical procedures but if you realize you’re erections are not firm and normal; you can start taking medication in order to come over this problem. Two most common medicines which are used in treating erectile dysfunction are:

  • Generic Viagra: As the name suggests Viagra, it is not exactly a Viagra that induces energy while performing sex. Generic Viagra is highly recommended medication which is prescribed by doctors in order to treat erectile dysfunction problems in men. The activity of these pills is to improve the blood to the penis which will help the penis to stay erected firmly and for longer time. It treats the problem internally as well as externally while performing sex.
  • Generic Levitra: this belongs to the same category of Generic Viagra and more or less has the same effects in treating erectile dysfunction in males but the only difference is the content of Vardenafil, which is an active Viagra in Generic Levitra. It has proved to be widely used remedy on the internet and has some great effects on one’s sexual health.

Premature Ejaculations

Premature ejaculations are defined as the inability to hold the orgasm for longer time and ejaculating before the normal time. This could be side effect of erectile dysfunction or may trigger on its own due to ill sexual health. In order to hold your orgasm, your penis needs the right amount of blood in it and which is generally blocked in premature ejaculations. Here are the medications which might be of help to you:

  • Super p Force: super p force has Sildenafil Citrate 100mg and Dapoxetine which are strong types of Viagra which boost men sexual health. This helps in relaxing the muscles which are present around the penis and which are also responsible for premature ejaculations. Premature ejaculations are often due anxiety and over stress during sex and super p force helps come over these factors and treat premature ejaculations. The effects can last up to 6 hours and works within 45 minutes before the sex session.


Nobody would want this problem to occur in them as this a big turn off for your partner in the bed.  Impotence is the condition in which a man is unable to have erection or the required sex drive to perform well during the sexual act due to no supply of blood to the penis. Unlike erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculations, impotence is considered to be serious sexual problem in men as it could damage or end their sex life forever. Impotence is partially related to your lifestyle as ill habits like using drugs or alcohol can trigger this problem in your immune system. Various medications and medical treatments are available to treat male impotence and one of the best and widely used medications is:

  • Generic Cialis: this is the most adequate and appropriate medications that are available to treat male impotence. Unlike other Viagra’s, Generic Cialis has absolutely no side effects and can bring neutral results in curing male impotence. This quite cheap and also easily available on many online stores or traditional medical stores.

Early Pregnancy in Women

Early pregnancy problems have been increasing rapidly across the globe and more and more number of safety measures and various abortion pills have been introduced for the convenience of women who opt for medical abortion at home. Abortion is a process in which termination of fetus is done by chemical medications which are orally taken by women. Surgical abortion is an age old procedure for abortion and not many people opt for it nowadays. Some of the best abortion pills are Mifeprex, Abortion Kit and Cytotec which are easily available on our website. This online web store has created a buzz among various teens and women who have tried their products and have benefitted from them.

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