Female health is equally found important for running healthy body. Lady needs to be more healthy since they faces many health complication in their life. Female needs to be enough healthy and strong to be maintained, as they faces many up and down twist and turns in the life. You will notice female come up with various health issues & found to be weak due to natural or personal factors. Female health measured the entire health issue from top to bottom comprising the phase of menstruation, maternity condition, contraception, menopause, breast cancer, pregnancy and child birth, etc. Female’s health measured an obstacle, which has to be measured by many feminists, particularly where reproductive health is concerned. Female health is found a biggest apprehensive as comparing with man to face a future deed & indeed. Well, there are many aspects that may hit puberty age group & female. These aspects mostly found mounting in today’s generation, which ultimately impact on one’s health results with several concerns & organ failure.  Some of the wide measured factor embraces is given below.

Drinking over amount of Alcohol

Alcohol is the biggest reason causing threat to the life. Some around 60% human being have been found addicted to alcohol differ as per the countries rate & found mounting day by day. Alcohol gives a wide bad effect to the health equally of male and female both. Drinking excessive alcohol may result with many health concerns:

  • Liver breakdown

  • Kidney breakdown

  • immobile organs

  • Lack of appetite

  • Improper digestive system

  • Failure of brain role

  • Unhealthy immune function

  • intricacy in conceiving for women in future

  • fall in the longevity of the organs & weakens its role

Holding Unhealthy diet

Yes, the diet accounted the main factor to keep and run optimum health. The diet which you eat has to be rich in overall nutritional level minerals & vitamins. As equaling with male female should maintain proper amount of diet; as because, they need to go through several stage of complexity in the life. Female are the one to face various & austere kind of difficulties all through the life. Thus, their practice level has to be high.

  • Crash dieting & malnutrition

  • Too thin

  • Weak immune system

  • Unhealthy or weak function of the organs

  • Constipation

  • Incompetent digestive function

  • Unhealthy skin

A female with chain Smoking

Smoking measured one of the uppermost occurring deaths in today’s world. It’s a habit, which spoils or damages almost all the organ of the body. Cigarettes embraces tobacco along with it also gets laden with nicotine, tar, carbon monoxideformaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic & DDT. Practicing it daily found harmful for the health. People, with chain smoking results with fall in the enduring of the organs & painful death. Lady with smoking may suffer with

  • Lung, throat & mouth cancer;

  • Consequences with asthma attack, diabetes, heart concerns, etc.

  • Improper function of the lungs & cause lung cancer in vast range

  • Leads to spoil the cells

  • Heart attack, stroke, infertility

  • Sexual concern termed as impotency, low libido level, bareness, etc.

  • Collapse of kidney & liver role is another intricacy that a female may face because of smoking.


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