Perfect Birth Control Prevention Pill

Yaz holding drospirenone & ethinyl estradiol is a hard form of oral pills that hinder ovulation & works like a birth control pill to prevent pregnancy risk. It also results to form divergence in the cervical & uterine fencing, turning it rigid for sperm to link the uterus & harder for an inseminated egg to reach the uterus. This is a kind of contraceptive pills that can also be used by 16 year old a girl, but under doctor’s prescription. If, someone performing sex without any protection can make use of YAZ to get protected from the risk of pregnancy. It actually comes under the group of hormonal contraceptives & admitted great effective, suitable & easiest therapy of birth control. This medicine should be used by the female beyond the age of 15, who have already had her first menstruation. You can practice the medicine without any concerns; since, we have all the medicines sanctioned by FDA & available in a very low price. Order yaz today in a reasonable price from our site, which can aid you solve your issues easily. It is admitted the best quality, quantity and contentment pill. Yaz, is actually a brand of oral hormonal contraceptive pills. It is admitted different from other birth control pills since it contains a new form of mock progesterone known as drospirenone, which is intimately linked to spironolactone, a diuretic. Drospirenone also contain anti-androgenic elements, which results it acts alongside testosterone & other hormones too. It also embraces artificial estrogen, alike to most contraceptive pills. Yaz is the only medicine with 24 active tablets, which embraces the hormones & 4 inactive tablets. This provides the sufferer an enhanced amount of hormones orally. Well, many of the contraceptive pills involve 7 inactive tablets.

What are the Dosage directions of the medicine?

Yaz come with sachet of 24 active pills & 4 inactive pills. Exercise the pill on the first day of your menstruation or soon after it begins. You probably need to use begin with optional solution to avert the pregnancy risk, such as condoms or a spermicide, exactly when you start using this medication. In a day 1 tablet has been proposed to take by keeping 24 hours gap between the dosages. The 28 day birth control kit includes 7 "reminder" pills to sustain your regular menstruation phase. This assures that you get your menstruation on time. One probably needs to suffer with heavy menstrual bleeding for 3 months during the course if in case it goes above than that speaks to the doctor.

What problem a female may face

There is not such concern that taking this pill may result with causing many austere side-effects. But, yes one may get overweight problem, hypertension, skin rashes, etc. Moreover, if the medicine used properly without missing any of the dose may moderate the risk of side-effects.

Prevention method to be adopted by every user

One must say no to smoking and drinking if using these contraceptive methods. Moreover, it is been restricted to the pregnant or expecting mother; since, it may defects the baby. One must remember that YAZ is a birth control medicine not an abortion one. Run the dose as it has been recommended neither in over nor in under amount or more regular than asked for. Say no to over-loaded meal with spices, oil and cheese. Do not miss the dose in any case otherwise it will make you face the risk of pregnancy. Let your doctor know if you have any austere heath concern. Disclose certain issue to the doctor for the precautionary method. Maintain optimum amount of gap between the dosages.


Numbness, weakness, headache, chest ache, vomiting, etc. are seen normally affecting side-effects.


Do not expose the kit to direct sunlight, dampness or heat. Keep it absolutely away from the range of small kids. Once the medicine turned outdated dispose it to the safest place. 

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