Helpful Tips about Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are used every single day to prevent unwanted pregnancy, if you had unprotected sex. They come in a package of 28 pills or 21 pills, which has to be taken every day, preferably at the time of evening so that it works better for the prevention. Women are quite aware of this form of birth control option. But they have a lot of questions about the same, as they this concept can be confusing too. Here in this article, we will try to break down some of the myth and confusion that are attached with the form of birth control option.

How to start it:

If you haven't started with these pills, then make sure that you know about it completely. The most popular myth about the starting of the pills is that, it should be started on the very first day of the period or if possible on the first Sunday that comes after your period have started. These saying are simply a myth and nothing else. It is clearly stated in some of the recent reports that, now you can start the intake of these pills whenever you want, without worrying about its effectiveness. It can be perfectly taken whenever you want to start, no matter what is the day of the month or whether you period have started or not.

You can talk to your doctor before starting it, as there is a chance that you might be pregnant. So it becomes really important to ensure that you are not pregnant, in order to start the medicine. Now the next question is about, which type of combination pills or progestin-only pills let us solve this query.

Starting combination pills:

Combination pills are one of the best types of birth control pills that you can go for. You can start this type of pills whenever you fell like, but if it is better to start this within the five says after your period have started, this will ensure that you are protected against unwanted pregnancy right away. This method, will ensure that you are not pregnant as well as you will not need any other backup plan for the same.

If you are started using this pills any of the other time during your menstrual cycle, then you will be protected from unprotected sex after seven days. If you are not sure for the seven days, before the prevention starts, then it is better to use other methods of birth control like female condom, sponge or diaphragm, condoms and other, if incase you are having vaginal intercourse.

Starting progestin-only pills:

This type of birth control pills also can be started whenever you want. If incase you have had unprotected sex during the first 48 hours after using progestin-only pills, then you may need to opt for another method for the prevention. Once you start this pills, then it will start protecting you against unwanted pregnancy after two days. But, it is important to remember that you need to take it at the same time every day, so that it can work effectively. If you by mistake forgot to take it in the same time and take it after three or four hours, then the chances are high that you might get pregnant. Hence, it becomes important for you to take another back up plan for the next 48 hours, in order to prevent yourself from pregnancy.

What if you are pregnant?

Chances are high of getting pregnant, right after you have undergone abortion or miscarriage. Most of the women have a concern about whether they start these pills after they are pregnant and even reports have shown that many pregnant women, who are not aware of their pregnancy, start the pill by mistake. This is the reason, it is very important to undergo a physical checkup to ensure that you are not pregnant.

If you have recently giving birth to a baby, then you need to wait for at least three to four weeks for starting combination pills. If incase you are nursing your baby, then you are supposed to wait for at least six months for starting the pills. If you are at a high risk of forming blood clots, then it is better to consult your doctor first, before starting any type of birth control pills. If you have undergone abortion or miscarriage, then you can start taking combination pills right away. You can start using progestin-only pills after abortion, miscarried or childbirth.

Some of the factors that indicate women are at a higher risk of blood clots:

Women who are obese, had a C-section, had a blood clot in the past, was in a prolonged bed rest, is into smoking habits, received blood transfusion during her delivery, her family member had blood clots, have inherited the disorder of blood clotting, had preeclampsia, she is over 40 years of age.

What if you are breastfeeding?

It is quite safe to take progestin-only pills at the time of nursing your baby; this will not affect you and your baby's health in any manner. But, if you are planning to start with combination pills, then it is better to wait for at least six months of nursing the baby, as it will affect the quality and the quantity of the mother's milk. No matter, which one you start at the time of breastfeeding, some tracks of the Pill's hormones will be found in the breast milk, but it is unlikely about having any effect in your child's health. But it is better to talk to your health care provider about the same, if you are concerned about your baby's health. He might suggest you other type of birth control options, if you are at a high risk of blood clots or any other health issue.

If you forget to take the pill?

Most of the women forget to take these pills most of the time, but it is important to understand the importance of taking pills at the same time every day, so that it can work at the best condition. But, if you forget it, then try to take it as soon as you remember it, so that you can avoid any unwanted pregnancy. If the missed does has got close to the current pill, then it is better to skip the missed one and continue with the cycle.

This fact also depends on the type of pills taken by you, if you are taking combination pills which contains both of the hormones, that is estrogen and progestin then the chances of pregnancy is quite low, even if you skip a pill or two. But, in case of progestin-only pills, you need to be little careful about the same and try to talk it at the same time each day, so that it effectively protect you against unwanted pregnancy in the future.

These are some of the common myths and queries that are related to birth control pills, which had been nightmares for many women. If you still unsure about using the pills to prevent you from unwanted pregnancy at the time of unprotected sex, then it is better to talk to your doctor about the same.

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