Human Nature And Sex

“ Masculinity is not something given to you, but something you gain. And you gain it by winning small battles with honor.” - Norman Mailer

The key to masculinity are many factors, ranging from chivalrous behavior, to satisfying women in all aspects of life. A true man fulfills every desire of a woman, every desire that is in his reach. As rightly quoted by Norman Mailer, masculinity is something one gains, by winning small battles – with honor! – And men love taking honor in everything they do.

Men are designed to conquer great battles, and overcome difficult hurdles. He has been endowed with the courage, ability, and physical characteristics to endure, to take over problems, and other battles of life. In the greatest of battles he emerges triumphant, so is the nature of a true man. For a man that faces so much in life, the only incentive for him in life apart from success, is a woman. That is how he is designed. But, sometimes amidst the battles of life to gain success, happiness, and superiority a man may tend to hinder at certain aspects of his masculinity.

“Everything that is strong, faces times of weakness – through which it must endure, to be happy to be satisfied” This weakness- doesn’t change his masculinity a bit.

Women are no different, when it comes to triumph after sacrifice and struggle. She battles the evils of the society, hails through hardships, fights her odds to success, and at the end of it – all she requires is mental, and physical satisfaction. A woman may attain mental satisfaction from various aspects of her life, but the state of true mental security and physical satisfaction can only be derived from a man.

Satisfying a woman is one of the primary factors that feed a man’s ego, and masculinity. A man takes great pleasure in satisfying a woman’s mental and physical needs. A man can express his compassion towards women, mentally – but as designed by nature, he must indulge with a woman physically in order to satisfy her completely.

It is the natural design for both men and women to indulge mentally, and sexually. It is a widely believed fact that sexual intimacy opens pathways to one self, and to a better life. Both men and women are designed to indulge sexually with each other. The mental unification of two individuals of the opposite gender is termed as love; whereas, the act of physical unification is a mixed fraction of love, unity and is universally known as sex.

Sex is the act that relieves men and women alike. It opens doors to immense pleasure, and ecstasy. The entire act of sex, performed in any manner takes both the partners back to their basics. Back to what both bodies were made to do.

Speaking of sex, it is one of the basic needs of a human being. “Man is a social animal” – even animals indulge in the magnificent act of sex, to love their other half, to reproduce, to exist, most importantly – to follow the course of nature.

Every man has the ability to deliver sexual satisfaction to women. It could be by means of touch, enigmatic foreplay, or even sexual intercourse. There are millions of men and women who enjoy sexual activities to the fullest, and lead happy, satisfied lives. Every human, be it male or female is entitled to live a life with mental and physical satisfaction.

  • Leading a satisfying life, and sexually satisfying life is not easy for everybody

The ability of sexually satisfying a woman tends to stagger at certain points in the life of men. At times like these men find it difficult to satisfy their women sexually, which causes a rift in the mental chemistry of the two. The inability to indulge with their women, or sexually satisfy them can give rise to various problems.

  • Revelation

The inability to satisfy women is termed as erectile dysfunction in men. In this phenomenon, a man is unable to attain an erection that is a key factor to indulge with each other completely (coitus). This inability can come from various aspects of life. Erectile dysfunction, or the inability to satisfy women sexually can be a result of mental stress, tension, any kind of trauma from the past, it could be anything. Even certain injuries and health conditions can cause erectile dysfunction in men.

This inability can be temporary, as well as permanent, depending upon the reason creating the situation.

  • The tad weakness, takes the giant down.

This problem of erectile dysfunction is one of the gravest hurdles for a man to overcome. It works as a barrier between the connection of the two sexes, and creates rifts in their relationship, and personal life. To not be able to perform in bed is a matter of great worry, and stress to a man. It causes a lot of mental and physical tension to both the partners. This inability to make complete love has the potential to ruin happy families, and also lower self confidence. Erectile dysfunction can be a reason of shame, and self pity for many suffering with it.

  • Enduring a storm leads to a wonderful morning, gleaming with life.

The inability is not always permanent. This inability (erectile dysfunction) to achieve or sustain an erection can be treated by deploying various methods. In young and dynamic men, erectile dysfunction can be treated with various exercises, and lifestyle changes. Overcoming this hurdle, requires deep understanding of the opposite sex, with proper care, love, and active support from the partner, the inability can be overcome, erectile dysfunction can be reversed.

  • The inability is not the end of a glorious saga

Men are adamant, especially when it comes to showing love to their better halves, or sexual partners. They can go to great extents to achieve what they desire the most in their life. If the reason behind the inability is serious, it can be treated with the use of pills that are used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

There is a reason behind everything in this world, why do you think they made Viagra?

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