Facts About Mifeprex

What is Mifeprex:

Mifeprex is a medicine that is used to terminate the pregnancy. There is a misconception regarding this medicine and that is, it is used to prevent the pregnancy after unprotected sex, emergency contraceptive pills are used to use to protect against unwanted pregnancy. It is actually used, when pregnancy of the women is confirmed and she wants to abort the fetus by terminating the pregnancy. For only this purpose Mifeprex is used.

Mifeprex is approved by FDA, but it should be used before 49 days of the pregnancy that is upto 7 weeks or less from the last menstrual period of pregnancy can be terminate with the help of this medicine. The effectiveness of this medicine depend upon the medical history of the women itself. Reports have shown that the Mifeprex have safely ended the pregnancy with a success rate of 92-95%. The rest of the women, that is 5-8% of women bad to undergo surgical procedure to terminate the pregnancy or in the case of heavy bleeding also.

Compulsory test before taking Mifeprex:

No doctor will prescribe your Mifeprex, before conducting test for confirmation of the pregnancy. He will first do a physical checkup to detect pregnancy. Once that is confirmed, than an ultrasonographic scan will be done to detect the exact age of the fetus. If it is under 7 weeks, than your doctor may prescribe you Mifeprex to terminate the pregnancy, as it is safe for a women to take Mifeprex for abortion, who is 7 or less week pregnant. But if in case, your pregnancy have crossed the first trimester than it would be possible to use Mifeprex for terminating the pregnancy. Then you doctor will prescribe you some other medication or surgical procedure to abort the fetus with facing any side effects later on.

If you have medical conditions, then it is recommended that you let your health care provider know about it, so that he can be sure that you can be given Mifeprex for aborting the pregnancy.

Availability of Mifeprex:

Mifeprex is available at online pharmacy stores, but you need to have doctor approved prescription in order to buy it. So it is better to consult a doctor first, to confirm the ongoing duration of the pregnancy, so that he can prescribe you Mifeprex. Since FDA has approved this medicine, more than 2.5 millions women in the United States has used this medicine to end the early pregnancy.

Make sure that you choose a online pharmacy store that is licensed to sell Mifeprex and such type of medication. They will ask for medical prescription to give you Mifeprex for abortion.

When happens after consuming Mifeprex:

Once you consume Mifeprex, then within few hours you will be expected to bleed and you will also experience some cramping too. Bleeding and cramping is an expected while the pregnancy is getting terminated. Women who use Mifeprex for aborting the fetus, then they should be expected to bleed and a spot for an average of 10 to 16 days. You may experience the amount of bleeding similar to that of your normal menstrual cycle. But some women do experience heavy bleeding after consuming this medicine. If you are getting abnormally heavy bleeding with unbearable cramping, the contact your health care provider immediately.

About patient agreement:

If you have decided to end your pregnancy with the use of Mifeprex in a clinic, then you may have to sign the patient agreement, where it would be clearing mentioned that you agree to terminate your pregnancy with the use of Mifeprex and you are aware about all the risk and benefits related to Mifeprex and your health care provider will guide you about all the safety and precaution to be taken after the abortion has taken place.

Age restrictions for Mifeprex usage:

There is no age restriction to use Mifeprex, as it is approved by FDA. If it is prescribed by the doctor, then women of any age can use Mifeprex to end her pregnancy. When it comes to pediatric patients, then the confusion about their safety and the medicine effectiveness is still not clear. Many states have specific parental laws when the abortion of a minor is concern, including the use of Mifeprex as well. It would be better, if you can search for the related rules, regulations and laws related to abortion.

Future pregnancies after use of Mifeprex:

Pregnancy is possible right after you have taken Mifeprex to end your current pregnancy and the bledding has stop. Then you can think about getting pregnant again without worry about any health issues. But, if you have decided to not get pregnant, then it is the right time to start using any birth control pills as soon as your current pregnancy has got terminated. Always make use of birth control contraceptives, when you starting having sexual intercourse with your partner.

Safety information related to Mifeprex:

Even though cramping and bleeding is normal after use of Mifeprex to end the pregnancy. But rarely, some women experience serious type of heavy bleeding, unbearable abdominal pain or cramps, infection and other problems, which may occur after medical abortion is conducted. Reports have shown that very few cases of death has also appeared after taking Misoprostol by inserting it in the vagina. The reason for the such type of death by the use of Mifeprex and Misoprostol is not known till date. If you are not sure about anything side effects, symptoms resulted to such type of medicine, then it is better to contact your health care provider.

Some signs and symptoms, which should be told to your health care provider:

  • Abnormal heavy bleeding:

If you bleed enough to soak more than two sanitary pads per hours in a day or if you feel that you are bleeding more than your usual, it is better to contact your health care provider immediately. 1 out of 100 women have to go through a surgical procedure to stop the heavy bleeding, which comes after the use of such type of medicine.

  • Abdominal pain:

If you feel abdominal pain or cramps which are nearly cramps, then you might be facing the side effects of such type of medicine. If you also feel sick like vomiting, nausea, weakness, fever within 24 hours of taking Mifeprex, then don't waste any time. Give a call to your health care provider as soon as possible. These are some of the signs and symptoms that may indicate that you are having some serious infection as a result of the side effects of Mifeprex. Ectopic pregnancy that is a pregnancy outside the womb, also result in some kind of infection, if the pregnancy is not properly terminated.

  • Fever:

After few days after taking Mifeprex, you have got a fever of 100.4°F or higher than that with last for more than six hours, then you should contact your health care provider immediately. High fever can be a symptom of some serious type of infection including the problem of ectopic pregnancy.

What are the guidelines for using Mifeprex:

You should always ask for medication guide of Mifeprex with you and give it to the authority, when you are visiting emergency room or your health care provider who haven't given you Mifeprex for the abortion. So that they will understand about the usage of Mifeprex for your abortion.

The medication guide for Mifeprex will help you to understand the process of medication and some important information related to this medicine that you should know. Before taking Mifeprex for your abortion, it is recommended that you go through the guide carefully and ask any query related to this medicine and its usage. Your doctor will confirm the duration of the pregnancy, so that he can be sure about using Mifeprex for aborting the fetus which is in its early stage.

If medically it is confirmed or suspected that you are having an ectopic pregnancy, that is a pregnancy which occurs outside the womb. In such cases, the use of Mifeprex is not recommended, as it won't be able to abort the fetus and in worse cases, it may also result in some type of infection as well.

Precautions after taking Mifeprex:

  • Once the abortion has taken place, then it is important to take precautions from having sexual intercourse, especially vaginal intercourse. Make sure not to insert anything in your vagina, as it can lead to any type of infection.
  • It is very important to take sufficient rest and not to do anything that might be stressful for you. After an abortion, that body becomes weak and need a lot of stress. If you are feeling pain that seems to be abnormal, then it is better to consult your doctor. He may prescribe you a painkiller to subside the pain.
  • Drink a lot of water after abortion take place from Mifeprex. Drinking water will make sure that your body is getting properly hydrated, so that there is no chance of getting an infection that may take place after few days of taking Mifeprex.

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