Yasmin is a finest solution to get prevented from pregnancy. It’s a most eminent form of contraceptive method for birth control or pregnancy anticipation. Yasmin embraces the artificial form of hormones called drospirenone and ethinyl estradiol. These 2 forms of hormones avert the ovulation procedure, which is accountable to discharge eggs from ovary. It also found liable to causemodification in the cervix & uterine coating, turning it tough for the inseminated egg to confer the uterus, and hence thwarting the risk of pregnancy. Yasmin is an oral contraceptive medicine thatmoderates the possibility of pregnancy. You can also take it as pregnancydeterrence or combined oral contraceptive pills. This medicine the active components called ethinyl estradiol 30 microgram & drospirenone 3mg Ethinyl estradiol is a pretend form of estrogen & drospirenone appears in an illusory type of progesterone. You can get the risk of fertilization and pregnancy by using yasmin accurately. One needs to be appropriate with the dosage intake without missing or breaking the pills. Escaping any of the doses may develop the risk of pregnancy. Thus, a woman practicing yasmin as a form of birth control pills must run it as per the recommended manner. 

How does Yasmin works

An active element in Yasmin called drospirenone & ethinyl estradiol effectively performs contraceptive way. It is an FDA sanctioned found safe in use and outstanding in response. Yasmin acts by precluding the ovulation formation and causing variations in the uterine facing makes the procedure of insemination problematic & inhibits pregnancy. Taking yasmin a pregnancy prevention pills breaks down the egg fertilization in the ovaries making the cervical mucus thick in form so that the sperm fails to get linked to it and cause pregnancy. It has been considered one of the best medication to safe the chances of pregnancy. A female who wanted to enjoy their sexual life can take this medicine yasmin as absolute birth control pills to prevent from the possibility of pregnancy.

Dosage prescription

This kind of oral contraceptive courseembraces 28 pills, which needs to be consumed once daily as per the prescribed manner.

·         21 - yellow color active tablets

·         7 – white color inactivetablets

The 21 pills need to be run for 21 days daily and the 7 white pills need to be taken during menstruation. Again after the procedure you need to initiate with new pack of contraceptive pills of yasmin. After every menstruation you need to start with other sachet of this pregnancy prevention medicine. Do not miss the dose in any manner, if you forget to take the pills gulp as soon as you remember. Do not break or mash the medicine, use ample amount of water to intake it.

Precautions to be taken

A woman in pregnancy and lactating phase must shun exercising these birth control pills. You must not smoke or must not drink alcohol while exercising this medication. Let your doctor know if you’re tolerating from any sort of severe diseases or organ disorder.


Yasmin rarely holds any kind of side-effects. Well, it completely depends on your intake level. It’s over intake may lead you face vaginal bleeding, high BP, rapid heartbeats, etc. vomiting, giddiness, nausea, fatigue, etc. have been measured some normal seen form of side-effects.


Kindly store the medicine in the room temperate level away from the range of heat, moisture and kids. Dispose it to the safest place if turned outdated.

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