How To Fix The NuvaRing

NuvaRing is a supple vaginal round shape ring, which aids avert from pregnancy by acting as a contraceptive device. It emits a short dose of estrogen & progestin all through the month. The hormones get immersed via vagina & unconfined into the blood vein. You need to use it new every month and take it out at every three weeks of process.

Process to fix the ring

Mend your habits

  • Women who smoke must avoid smoking as it turns the ring use less and in return enhance the risk of health hurdle such as cardiac disorder, stroke, brain disorder, and several other organ related issue.
  • Women in lactating phase must avert using nuvaring as it may harm your baby. This might outcomes with jaundice impact.

Women going under several medication processes might get this contraceptive Ring less active. NuvaRing might turn weaken in effect.

Confirm the date to fix the NuvaRing (Birth Control Ring)

  • Plan a best and better date to insert the ring, count from the first day of your menstruation. This specific date will help to ensure the maximum aversion of pregnancy.
  • Women taking birth control pills must use this ring after the last pill of contraceptive. If, birth control practiced persistently you need not take or adopt other contraceptive method.
  • You exactly need to search a perfect and suitable place to sit and take the position to fix the ring.
  • Wash and dry your hand take out the ring from the pouch and keep the pouch for the post ring disposal.
  • Make yourself comfortable and take the position by sitting or by standing moving one leg further and slightly bending downward to place the ring. As you find suitable.
  • Some may take the position by lying down with the bent knees, in the position of squat or by standing on one leg.
  • Be hygienic in overall process
  • Clutch the NuvaRing a birth control gadget amid of your thumb & index finger so that it can get appear in extended form.
  • Take the ring and kindly push it inside the vagina. Once inserted and found uncomfortable try fixing it again.
  • You need to only use your finger rather than using any other instruments to place or take out the ring.
  • See to it you use your finger to get the ring gently placed in the vagina touching cervical zone and not getting inside of it.
  • Leave the ring at position for 3 weeks and take it out during menstruation. Gently make your finger push inside the vagina and take the ring out. To take out the NuvaRing, place your index finger into your vagina & clasp the ring. Draw it out smoothly. Pack the ring in the foil and throw at the safest place. Make sure that you dispose it away from the contact of the children.
  • Place new nuvaring after menstruations gently without using any instrument. Make sure that you fixed it properly. If, it is not fixed properly try placing it properly. Since, it may enhance the risk of pregnancy. It needs to be used only to get pregnancy aversion.

Note: - read the label prior using the ring, to get prevented from the uses of expired ring.

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