Exercise After An Abortion

After an Abortion, it is not easy to do exercise and the women will face some pain as well. Abortion is now a common procedure because, at one point or another, some women do undergo this situation in their lives. There will be some political oppression and social pressures. Sometimes women will be feeling alone and afraid after the process of abortion. At this time, they need more support from us.

Exercise Methods:

1. Understand that we are not alone:

First, we must understand that we are not only the person who is undergoing abortion. Most of the surveys report that a woman will have an abortion till the age of 45. The average lifetime of an abortion is one per women.

2. Realize Abortion is a challenging experience:

Abortion is a challenging experience both mentally and physically and we need to heal all the levels as fast as possible, we can take off from our work or school.

3. Healing our Body:

We need to avoid intense exercise for a week after the abortion. We can go for a walk or we can do a yoga which makes you feel motivated and will get more energy from it. When doing yoga, avoid inversions which make more strain to your body.

4. Don’t have sex after an abortion:

Do not have sex or insert anything into your vagina for a week, until your doctor says to do so. After an abortion, the pain will reside in the vagina.

5. Nausea Medication:

The salty crackers and ginger tea can soothe the nausea. We can eat fresh meals and avoid fatty foods or sugary foods. If you are losing lots of blood, you must include the vitamin c rich foods such as orange juice and tomatoes. By having these foods, we will have the ability to build the blood.

6. Take Rest:

It is better to sleep for 12 hours a night for making your body healthier. By doing this, we are healing our pain in the body.

7. Place heating pad:

Place heating pad or hot water bottle on the back with the help of your loved ones and it will make you feel more comfortable.

8. Good partner or massage therapist:

We need a good partner or a massage therapist for massaging our belly and lower back with the soothing oils. Whole body massage or foot massage can do wonders for our nerves.

9. Emotions Healing:

Find someone whom we can trust confidently in all your decisions and the persons we will feel more safe around. The person will be good listeners and will be able to give a good choice. Sometimes we will know the people who had abortions or the one who have supported all the time. If we don’t feel comfortable in any circles, then there are other resources like Exhale, which is an after-abortion counseling talk line. 

Treat yourself to funny movies and books which makes you laugh and feel at ease. Never distract the feelings, completely, because it may fail to get back to your life. Always spend more time with your loved ones or the best friends. It is better to cry as much we can and never judge the feelings.

10. Art Work:

Try to draw or paint something which makes you creative and it gives you more confidence in your life.

11. Talk More:

We can use the recorder for taping our talking or we can use iPhone apps which are used in these days.

12. Get support from partners:

When we are in a relationship, the partner may be in tough periods. Sometimes he may not be good at his feelings and may not know how to give a help. At that time ask what he needs and tell how he can support you. He will feel much better and becomes more confident and emotional. It will be good if he can buy a heating pad and rub on your back for getting Comfort. If your partner is not willing to support you or he is not willing to give any support, then it is better to take some space from him and seek the support of your friends who can be true in their approach.

13. Guidance Seek:

If you feel motivated, then seek guidance of counselors or mentors where we feel more comfortable with our religious traditions. When choosing individual people be careful to choose the one who can treat with compassion and not with judgement.

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